Email know how for young developer

Email is an integral part of a developer, It’s a must to have tool to communicate to your customer, status report to leads, off shoring model etc.

Below mentioned are few tactics that worked for me:

  1. When some one asks a question on email. Make sure you reply in stipulated time line. If you don’t have answer reply mentioning that you don’t know the answer. Email is just another tool and not an examination paper.
  2. Email is not only to communicate good news. Bad news must also be communicated even faster. When you start writing that bad news email your brain automatically thinks about alternative solutions to the problem.
  3. Do not write an email when you can walk over to a person’s desk or talk over a phone. That will help you to collaborate with your team. If you need to record the result of conversation you can write a “as discussed” email, this email will contain all agreed items.
  4. Please create a sample draft of regular emails that you send often. It will spare the boredom of drafting. Email like weekly status report, Minute of meetings, Root cause analysis, Knowledge sharing, Sick leave, the list goes one. You can have team specific emails.
  5. Get a basic email etiquette courseĀ for couple of hours done. You can get help from YouTube. Email without subject line, signature and attachment when it is mentioned PFA does not look good.

Happy Email!

Gmail : Zero inbox all the time

There are many advantage of having a zero email on inbox. I will not go into detail of it. I will try to share few steps that can make your inbox to zero. There is a classic book named “Getting things done” by David Allen gives you profound knowledge on managing your task. In this book there is understanding and importance of empty your physical inbox. Now a days email inbox contains our assigned task.

  1. Create a label named Archive and select all your emails from inbox to this label. No brainner.
  2. Now unsubscribe all unread newsletter which are older than 90 days. You ain’t gonna read it.
  3. Create label rules for all social media emails, important news letters and updates.
  4. Use number prefix to your label name. This will help you displaying the label you want on top.
  5. Some emails needs to converted to reminders of as reference material. Find a convenient way to fix it.

This post is not only to inspire you that you can clean your inbox anytime but also to enlighten you that you need to revisit your inbox for regular cleanup of your clutter.