Encryption of connection string

You can find many post and help on how to encrypt the connection string. The idea is to place an encrypted text in congiguration file. So the security is not breached. In this post I will highlight few things that will help you to work with encrypted connection string.

  1. Create a tools menu to a web page or windows form support team to create the Encrypted text from the actual connection string. So that you are not dependent on it. Make sure you add the steps in your relase note.
  2. Make sure the method to decrypt is kept simple by encapsulating the encryption code in a separate class file. Thus passing a string parameter in and getting the actual connection string out.
  3. An helper method or a test class for developer to decrypt the encrypted text for debugging purpose.

I hope this few simple help was useful for you.

My telephonic interview

The skills and attitude that I think got me selected during my first teclephoic technical round of interview is listed below:

  1. Confidence to answer the questions.
  2. Detail readiness to most common question around that time.
  3. Listening and speaking skills during the conversation.
  4. Highlighting the key projects during the past experience.
  5. Flexibility and Learning apdaption to an new environment.
  6. Talking through the strengths I personal had.
  7. Asking right and context based question at the end of the interview.
  8. Last but not the least the need to get the new job for my career growth.

Happy Job Hunting!