UML Distilled book review

I got an opportunity to review a book named UML Distilled.  So here is the review that got publish in the internal office magazine.

Have you ever wonder why it is difficult to understand an article on Design pattern which is always with diagram? Was it always difficult to explain an object design to your team mate? Did you ever thought that Class Diagrams, Sequence Diagram and Use Case Diagram are not very handy when it comes to daily development? Is it really difficult for you to conclude a relation between two objects? Then there is an book on UML here.


UML Distilled is a small book on how and where to use UML during the Lifecycle of the project, This book is short, simple and sensible to explain the topic of UML standards and practical implementation. The example are concise with each chapter being very small and language is very simple. The book keeps you interested in the topic and it is an quick way to learn about UML.

C# in Depth book review

While doing my job I got opportunity to write a book review on a book C# in depth. I will confess, I don’t need too. I am not qualified to review Jon Skeet’s book. I have read some where that if Jon writes C# code and if it doesn’t compile that means the compiler’s is buggy. So here is the review that got publish in the internal office magazine.

Anything simple always interests me. C# in Depth is one of the book that Dot Net Developer should have in their shelf, said by many programming gurus. I second them. I would like all of you to know the reason why I enjoyed reading this book and why it kept me interested.

The book solves a problem of making each developer understands the evolution of C# from 1.0 to 3.0. It took an example in C# 1.0 explained a problem which was difficult to solve using C# 1.0 and solved it with an example from features of C# 2.0. It beautify the solution more by using features of C# 3.0. This books answers questions of C# 3.0 like how to use Lambda expressions, Extension methods and LINQ.