Json Data between UI and handler

Below are the code snippet to JavaScript and C# handler code. Objective is to know how to keep the property name of the classes in JavaScript and C#.
1. Create a javascript object in .js file
function jsonmenuitem(value,onclick) {
    this.value = value;
    this.onclick = onclick;

myjsonmenuitem = new jsonmenuitem("value","onclick");
2. Convert javascript object to Json string using a tool JSON.stringify
3.  Pass it as 3rd parameter in DoAjaxCall() function
// Below code calls a function which does a ajax call.
+"InsertRadiographicWeldSucess&", "json",
JSON.stringify(myjsonmenuitem ));
4.Now in Server side handler class just De-serialize it to C# object
public string Insert(HttpContext context)
    .JavaScriptSerializer jSearializer
    = new System.Web.Script.Serialization

  jsonmenuitem_P = new jsonmenuitem();
   using (var reader
       = new StreamReader(
          string jsonValue = reader.ReadToEnd();
          var js = new JavaScriptSerializer();
          _P = js.Deserialize<jsonmenuitem>
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Jumpstart a new team member

We came across a scenario where a new member joined our team. Now we wanted to know how does the new member get along with other members. Below mentioned are the activity we did to find out.

Idea & Agenda:

  1. Schedule non-stop time of at least 4-5 hours.
  2. Target to complete end to end functionality of small feature.
  3. End of 4-5 hour we should get product which can be used by end users.
  4. New member must pair program with each member.
  5. Have enough water and some snacks.

Objective of the exercise

  1. To understand the work style between team and new team member.
  2. To understand the capacity & capability with new team member.
  3. To make the new member get adapt to team culture.
  4. Team member making sure they use unique practices.

Happy Teamwork!