Simple way to dynamically load text to marquee

There might be many other way to load text dynamically to marquee, like javascript, Ajax or Jquery library. But I will show a very easy way using HTML and  Asp.Net

The aspx page will look like

<marquee direction="left"  onmouseover="this.stop()" 
onmouseout="this.start()" scrolldelay="100" 
style="height: 127px; width: 457px;">
    <asp:Literal ID="ltDisplay" runat="server">

The code behind page will look like

 protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e){ 
ltDisplay.Text = SomeMethodCallingActualText();  

Happy Coding!

JSTest.NET from Nuget integration with MS Test Series Part 6

This is the concluding post part 6 of 6 posts. you can find the previous post here.

Guideline and thought process of using the complete structure:

  1. Always keep the JavaScript tests in .js files under Test projects
  2. Refer production files from Main project.
  3. Reason to write tests for each function separately because it will help in troubleshooting  to correct broken function.
  4. Always inherit from base : JavaScriptTestBase
  5. JavaScript Function name is case sensitive. Just be careful!
  6. In Setup function use AppendProdJavaScriptFile() to all production JavaScript file to test.
  7. The path of the JavaScript file name mentioned in MS Test is critical.

I hope this 6 part series was helpful for you to set up your JSTest.Net infrastructure.

Happy Testing!