Delaying database decisions

In our current project we had to create a menu which was in a multiple level parent child relation. Main menu contains sub menus which contains item menus. On click of item menus a whole new menu gets loaded internally on the right hand side. Another user requirement was that there must be an admin… Continue reading Delaying database decisions

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Jeans at work makes a difference!

On 15th August 2013, Cognizant came up challenging the “status quo”. It allowed associate wearing smart casuals at work. I immediately felt the freedom of choice, as the campaign was based on freedom. I felt cool. It was a happy feeling to come to office in casuals every day. I felt much productive while working. It was… Continue reading Jeans at work makes a difference!

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CSS sprites repeatable

CSS sprites Wiki says: To reduce the number of requests the browser makes to the server, some web designerscombine numerous small images or icons into a larger image called a sprite sheet You can read advantage of CSS sprites here. Example of CSS sprites can be found here. Background: Now the catch we had was while… Continue reading CSS sprites repeatable