You must have heard about MobProgramming. There was a method we followed to analyse the requirement and come up with Data Flow. Perequsite : Complete team with at least 3 member Laptop (with projector optional) White board + marker Collective involvement Open Mind Steps : One person stands to the white board. One person sits… Continue reading MobAnalysis

Leadership Training

I had First Time Leadership training in my company. It was a 5 day workshop. The whole experience gave me completely different perspective on day to day basis of normal work day. I realized how we view everyone as we are and as we will react to a particular situation. Thus a common feelings like Why isn’t… Continue reading Leadership Training

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Memory Leak

Recently I has received an email from a team member that she was getting a memory leak issue. She is very confident that it was a memory leak. I checked with her on what she was trying to accomplish on the code. Background: The code was accessing some legacy database via COM component in a… Continue reading Memory Leak

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