5 Agile and other practices for developing MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

As we are heading to the Startup Weekend this Friday. Thought of how we can implement some of the known Agile and other practices to help us during MVP development.

  1. Time box
    • Keep it small
    • Keep a check
    • Re-evaluate
  2. Feedback loop
    • Some Tests
    • Ask team member
    • Ask potential customer
  3. Keep moving
    • Discuss challenges
    • Frequent  stand-ups
    • Ask for help
  4. Kanban board
    • Measure of progress
    • Small wins
    • Have control
  5. Why Reinvent the wheel?

Happy Collaborating!!

Happy for Navish to get Cirtru as top 10 upcoming mobile startup in yourstory.com

We from Confiable Solutions congratulate Navish and his team’s story in YourStory. A well deserved recognition for Cirtru team. We know Navish since past 4 months, We have seen him and his team in action. The team is performing like winners all the time. All the best for their future and we are very happy for you guys.

Cirtru: If you are looking for a roommate or buying a used car or selling a used iPhone, a Google employee trusts an Apple employee more than a stranger on a classifieds site. Cirtru is Inter-Company/University classifieds where users are identified and verified based on their employer/university without revealing their professional or personal identity, ever. Cirtru.com, the US version, is currently used by users from 750+ companies and universities in SF Bay Area alone. And Cirtru.in was launched for Bengaluru, during MobileSparks.

Happy Startup!