5 actions for mentoring an Intern


Recently an Intern joined us. Since we had decided we will have an open culture and have promised 6 reasons to Why you should join us? We are proud that we have managed to do what we told. So we will be share what we have been practicing.


Here are the 5 act that worked for us:

  1. Set the right expectation on day One. It is important that both you and the new team member are on same page on whats is planed. It would be really good if you have details about the task assigned to Intern.
  2. Skip the temptation to guide them at every steps (Freedom to explore). Our Intern is a programmer and it is natural to teach every trick in the book to bring up to the speed. It would be better to leave them alone with some guidance.
  3. Better practices, there will be always new and improved way to doing the job. We followed our practices, it was surprising to see our intern learn to write unit test before learning how to debug.
  4. Have a regular feedback.This will help you to track the progress of the individual and also explaining the bigger picture of how they are contributing to the companies vision. We have a monthly talk that works for us.
  5. Appreciate the good job. A job well done by an Intern needs to be noticed and admire. It is an lost art of good working culture. It is important to communicate the great work since it will boost the overall companies motivation.

Enjoy your work!

Journey from Job to Solopreneur/Entrepreneur

Recently one of my old colleague from one of my previous job wanted to know about challenges I faced to start my Startup. To be honest I cannot give any guidance since I am currently figuring out the trick of the trades. Most importantly each individual is genius in their own way and every business is different. However I can compile few resources which can help to a anyone who is looking for taking the leap to Entrepreneurship.

  1. Neil Patel answers the exact question (5 mins to watch)
  2. Attend few meetups, to know the environment www.meetup.com
  3. Building a viable business by  David Heinemeier Hansson, creator of Ruby on Rails (30 min to watch)
  4. The Lean Startup: How Constant Innovation Creates Radically Successful Businesses by Eric Ries
  5. The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich by Timothy Ferriss
  6. The $100 Startup  by Chris Guillebeau
  7. Read story of few budding Indian Entrepreneur @ yourstory.com
  8. Join AngleList  @ www.angel.co

Hope it was helpful, If you have any other resource to share add it in the comments.

Happy Learning!

Our #Bootstrap Startup

Thanks to Shekhar for recently writing this article http://yourstory.com/2015/03/mean-startup-choose-boring/


I have changed the word from Boring to Bootstrap. Because now after running the business for more than an year, I learned one thing for sure startup is not boring. We needed a better word to name this kind of startup we run. We are hear for long haul.

This helps us to answer questions from few of our curious well wishers!

  1. The reason we are currently not raising money from Venture Capital is because we are #Bootstrap Startup and we are self-funded.
  2. Our focus is on add value to clients work, hence we make most of our business decisions focus on benefits to them.
  3. We are in search of clients who find our product useful and help them collect and analyse information with a little more ease.
  4. We are working hard on our web based reporting framework (we will write about reporting framework soon in our company blog) platform named Probench.
  5. In order to build a sustainable business we are helping our clients, our team and associated teams grow together.

Happy Startup!