Digital Collaborator Q&A Session

Poll taken – Fee estimation to a digital collborator per collaboration

We had this Q&A with college students on 19th Decemeber 2019 in Mumbai, India. There were 9 students in the room. The early adopters who wanted to try and understand this new job role. This post has few of the important questions asked by those students from this session.

What is the first thing I need to do?

You have to pick the business niche and the digital creator theme (photography, graphic design, illustration, blog writing, video etc ). Because the student where from Information Technology or Computer Science. I suggested them to pick the business as Software SaaS business. Pick the business with team size between 10-25 people. You can look them in LinkedIn or Twitter. Re-Read this article again and go to section “What do you have to do and how can you make your side money?

How to connect with digital creator?

You can put a comment on the Digital Creator’s Instagram post, asking if they would like to collabrate. “I liked the image you have created.” OR “I love the use of colour” OR “I like the way you have use the shadow effect” and add it with “Would you be open for Free collabration with small business to gain more awarenesss for your work?”

Here is an example that I did with one of the Digitial Creator

Use this 1.80 dollar strategy by Gary Vaynerchuk. Re-Read this article again and go to section “What do you have to do and how can you make your side money?

How do I reach out to Businesses?

Once you pick you business niche, search for the business on LinkedIn and/or Twitter. Once of the offline mode of doing this is by visiting Business Centers or Commercial Complex in and around your area. Once you reach the office ask for a person who is incharge of social media marketing?. For the students in the room I mentioned following Business Centers in mumbai western suburbs.

  1. Sej Plaza Malad
  2. PlamSpring Malad
  3. Profit Center Kandivali
  4. Xth Central Mall Kandivali
  5. Raghuleela Mega Mall Kandivili

Re-Read this article again and go to section “What do you have to do and how can you make your side money?

One of the side effect of this activity both online and offline is you (as a student) will be able to learn more about local software business and could open up an opportunity for intership or first job

What if Digital Collabrator do not agree to do free collabration?

You move on another person

How to convince the Digital Collabrator to do a free collabration?

You don’t because this is not for everyone, Its for people who are willing to do the free work for getting more work. Only thing I can think about is share this article “Blueprint for More Work in 2020” with them.

What should I do if business don’t pay me?

You do the work for free, till the time you can. Make sure you do atleast 100 collabration to get an expereince and learn some craft of negotiations.

Should we share the name of digital Creator on the post?

Yes, because the creator is not getting paid and the only way you are giving value to them is giving them awareness on thier work and the image or video they create will have the instagram or other social media handle at the bottom or top of the content.

What if I want to become a digital creator, am I not creating competition by sharing thier name on post and business?

Even if you aspire to become a digital creator, currently you are not so you can be a student and learn the craft by helping who are ahead in the journey. It will create an oppurtuntity to network with professionals and also find a mentor for you to grow. I think you should not worry about competition but learn more about the craft.

What is the price I can get for each collaboration?

Pricing is a very tricky part of the whole process. However it validates the idea because it gives a value to the work that Digital collabrator does. We ran a small exercise around this and asked every one to put a ballot poll on the price range. You can see the image on top of this article for per collabration (1-3 images per company).

  1. Rs 30-60
  2. Rs 100-150
  3. Rs 100-500
  4. Rs 200-700
  5. Rs 800
  6. Rs 1500-2500
  7. Rs 4000-6000
  8. Rs 9000-15000
  9. Rs 10000-15000

The pricing was all over the place of the amount of work between 1 hour to 4 hour per transaction.

I hope this was a useful post for you. I have a question for you.

Do you think Digital Collaborator role can be done you or any students?

Put your answer in YES or NO in the comments below.

Content Creator

This is not a blog post but a job description for the role of an content creator that I am looking for my LinkedIn Profile. To begin with let me explain you my school of thought behind the content. There are 4 forms of content namely written, images, video and audio. Now the most I use on my LinkedIn profile is written and images. This role will be mostly about writing. I could have asked for only content writing but I want you to put on your marketing/sales cap too.

I don’t want a keyboard junkie, who is expert in writing 1000 words per minute and slam me 20 blog post under 20 minutes.

That brings me to the first requirement of this role to you. You will have to write 20 blog posts per month. The idea here that It would be intresting to post 1 per day and we can experiment which 5 days we pick for the week. Don’t worry you won’t have like daily deadlines. We will plan a week in advance so you will be alway writing for the following week. How do I know about planing ahead of time. I wrote 63 articles for my LinkedIn.

If you wonder where will you get the content to write the blog post, that’s a good question. Here are few guidelines to find them:

  1. The content is for Sustainability benchmarking & assessments Experts
  2. We have written an ebook Benchmarking Innovation. (Read Introduction)
  3. You can go through my LinkedIn Profile for recent posts and articles.

Now that brings me to your first Test.

Interview Test No 1 You will have to send me the topic on which you will write the first blog post. You will have to write a short description of 3-5 lines about what you are going to write.

Interview Test No 2 If I think it looks like a good blog post idea and I haven’t written anything like that before. I will ask you to write a summary with 1300 character or less roughly around 200 words. It has to be around 1300 characters including space because LinkedIn post has that limit. I will post it on LinkedIn. We won’t see at the vanity metrics.

Side note: If you get this job. The next step would be to write a blog post based on the vanity metrics. Which means if there is any comments or likes. Write a 1000 words blog post. So the initial 3-5 lines becomes a tweet. 200 words becomes a LinkedIn post and 1000 words becomes a LinkedIn article.

Now this will be your pillar content, you will create images using the text of your content. Few examples are shown below

1) Quotes created by the comments on one of the LinkedIn post

2) Caption image for an article we wrote here

3) Screen shot with the brand from instagram of related industry topic

There are more than dozen such ideas that I will share with you in order to make your work easy. You can find 100s of them on Internet too.

The tool you may have to learn is Its a free tool and you can find good tutorials online.

Now your second job requirement is to create 5-7 content per day and keep a check if I am posting them at regular interval.

Interview Test No 3 The last test would be to create an image or pdf document using canva. Here are 8 examples to get inspired from. List Document, Infographics, Quote, Power point Deck, Data Point, Flow Chart, Question of the day and Screen Capture

The outcome of your job should be, that your content makes atleast 20 people per month reach out to me and ask what I do. I understand that it will be practically difficult to measure this. However this is the experiment which I want to test and recently some one reached out to me and I normally ask them how did they came to know about me. He said it was because of a piece of content I posted.

I know I am making it sound all mechanical but this is an hard problem and I welcome you to solve this together. So if you are still reading this post then welcome to this experiment of remote content creation with a sales cap on your head. I will be waiting for your email to

Thank you! If you agree with this idea but not intrested in this job. Please feel free to share this idea with your friends and family.