Power of Preperation

I have found this open secret that would help you in any of the important meetings you will attend in future. These meetings are unpredictable, high value and sometimes difficult too. You may remember this as your interviews, sales pitch, proposal discussion, client reviews, contract renewals, mentorship discussion, mastermind groups, keynote talk, Brainstorming ideas, Workshops,… Continue reading Power of Preperation


One of the skills I often see people not using based on their past experience and judgement is anticipation. In more directly language is guessing. The explanation given to me is you cannot predict the future. I agree no one can predict the future but everyone can do a fair assessment of the outcome. We… Continue reading Anticipation


I have recently taken a session for about 250+ college students and some of them came back to ask me about some important links that they could not take notes on. This one is for those introverts who didn’t ask for it. They are more interested to know more and study the link further. If… Continue reading Important!!!

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Investing in people

A journey in a business is mostly unpredictable. Small businesses try to keep the risk low in order to sustain it for many more years. It’s not only about the profits also your team member that you have to take care of. One of my mentors earlier in my career advised me that whatever happens… Continue reading Investing in people

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is the analysis of available facts,  evidence,  observations, and arguments to form a judgment. Wikipedia The earliest records of critical thinking are the teachings of Socrates recorded by Plato. These included a part in Plato’s early dialogues, where Socrates engages with one or more interlocutors on the issue of ethics such as the question of whether it… Continue reading Critical Thinking

Slow Work

I am a fan of slow work. Let me explain what does it mean to me. It’s primarily thinking and creative work. It can be developing a marketing strategy, an idea to deliver a talk, creating a case study, research & insight work, writing a book, designing software, preparing for the sales pitch, coming up… Continue reading Slow Work

Confidence in Action

When your actions and words are congruent you display a very high level of confidence. The funny thing about confidence is you know you have it but others will only see it in you when you show some results that back your words. These results are cracking big exams, getting big sales, an invitation for… Continue reading Confidence in Action

Bad day

You cannot avoid some bad days at work or in your business. They will come, You can’t avoid it, plan for it, skip it, anticipate it. You only have to go through it and face the consequences. It has a special quality it has a spiral down nature to it. We like to do what… Continue reading Bad day

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I started observing businesses

I have cultivated this habit of looking for business systems or services when I am a customer of any business. It’s a live learning session for me. I am not looking for how much money I have save but what services the provide improve my customer experience. I know I have bought a premium service… Continue reading I started observing businesses

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