Promoting Setbacks

Professional Setbacks are something we are not taught how to deal with. During this interview season, you will meet rejections every now and then. It’s the part of the process and you will learn to deal with it.

I can have empathy with the fact that one feels bad about these rejections. An adult has to get back and overcome the disappointment. What other choices do you have? Today I will talk about how to convert the setback into an opportunity.

It could be emotionally challenging but you can set out 1 hour each day to start the job application process and double it every alternate day so by the end of the week you are putting in 4 hours a day and next week 8 hours each day.

Here are also some of the leverage I can think about he can take from the setback

  1. Write the entire experience down from discovery of the job, prep, interactions, and interview.
  2. Reach to HR and ask for 10 of her/his friends who are in HR
  3. Connect with 4-5 interviewers on LinkedIn and ask for 5 of their friend’s connections.
  4. Tweet daily 10 times about 1 thing that happened in the interview.
  5. Create a list of all questions asked to him in the interview and write a blog about it.
  6. Write about the interview process.
  7. Answer a couple of questions each day for all the questions that were asked.
  8. At the end of each article put the LinkedIn link and mention I am still looking for a job.
  9. Create a video about the video interview setup
  10. Reach out to podcasters who give content interview prep podcast

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