I am hiring a LinkedIn Community Manager

Designation: LinkedIn Community Manager

Reporting ToVikram Shetty

Experience: 0 (Zero) years / Fresh Graduates

Salary: 20,000 INR per month

Company: 73bit.com

Photo by inlytics • LinkedIn Analytics Tool on Unsplash

Roles and Responsibility

  1. Prospecting – LinkedIn Sales Navigator prospecting and processing 100 per month for community requests.
  2. People – Knowing our community and finding 10 related posts daily and writing a thoughtful comment to them.
  3. Priming – Researching our client community for learning about scoring methods, scorecards and sustainability
  4. Presales – Capture daily progress into systems like HubSpotGoogle SheetsSales Navigator etc

Career Growth

The question that can come to your mind is what could be the career growth for this role. If you are not from the Sustainability Field then it’s a Sales Career.

However, if you are from Sustainability Field and finding it difficult to find a job in your space this role will provide you with a few experiences

  1. Communication and Networking Skills
  2. Sales Process that got us B2B Clients
  3. Good knowledge of the current happenings in the domain
  4. Build relationships and collaborations
  5. Using Systems and Process that works for you
  6. Build your presence on LinkedIn

You can do this role for a year and then get back to your job search.

Above skills will be useful for the rest of your life

Your day at work

First Task: Public – Engaging with the community is the primary objective here. It will help you understand the topic that is interesting for our Tribe. You will get a list of Tribes about 500+ of them. You will follow them on LinkedIn. This task with is for the next 4 hours. Add a thoughtful comment on LinkedIn for the community who are posting about Sustainability Scoring Methodology. Your daily target here will be adding comments to 10 posts.

Second TaskProspecting – This will be the 5th hour of your day where you will process the prospect and send messages to them. Your daily target here will be 5 leads in 1 hour. You can learn about our community here (How to find leads?). You will add it to HubSpot and later help me move them through the sales process. (Training for this will be given after you join us however all activities will be done under 1 hr)

Third TaskPriming – In the 6th hour you do the research on our client community. Learn about scoring methods, scorecards and sustainability. This hour is your play of the day, be creative and dive into your imagination. Your daily target here will be to do this for 1 hour.

Fourth Task: Process – 7th hour of the day you will measure your day. You will check all the Skype messages to update the status of the lead or add to the Global List or other messages that are pending on you. You will make sure that all you have replied to any social media comments or have any questions for me. Your metrics are up to date in our Google Spreadsheet.

Fifth Task: Learning – 1 hour each day you will give to learn about building community, google ads, sales training, social selling etc.


  1. Good at written communications
  2. Work from home ready with personal Laptop/PC + Internet
  3. Ready to work full time remote or digital nomad work.

How to apply for the job?

Give this assessment test to apply (You must study this article fully and go through all the link in this article before giving the assessment. You will be qualified only if you score more than 8 points)

There are 2 interview rounds

Round 1 – Write an Article on LinkedIn (Details will be given to you once you email me, it will have few videos and questions related to the videos too.)

Round 2 – Only if your Article is qualified you will have a zoom interview call

I wish you all the best!

If you don’t see yourself fit for this role share this article with your other friends in different WhatsApp group



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