Business Advice for Hiring Consultant

I was approached by a Talent Acquisition Consultant for some advice on building an Independent Head Hunter business. The primary question was, I am getting clients in different sectors and being able to create deals with them. Still, I struggle to find the talent because they are widespread, like UX Designer, Graphics Designer, Architect etc.… Continue reading Business Advice for Hiring Consultant


Internship Interview in 100 hours

I am building a system that will increase the opportunity to land an internship interview. This is for the roles students don’t have much information and the job title are relatively new. We will create the job search system collectively with the feedback of the students who participate in it. All conversations will be on… Continue reading Internship Interview in 100 hours

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Delivering Results

You are reading one of that articles that I am sharing with the world as advice even though I am facing similar challenges in my business. The reason to share is that we had few breakthroughs by playing this infinite game of continuous improvement. A big disclaimer there are no guarantees in life. Suppose you… Continue reading Delivering Results

Mini Experiment

Goal – Getting things done good enough in half the time. There will be two groups running multiple experiments with time. Alpha Group – It will include Achievers and IgnorantsBeta Group – It will consist of Obedients, Critics and Pretenders The Alpha Group will follow the above steps to participate. The standard algorithm of the… Continue reading Mini Experiment

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Waste Work

eliminating waste work will give you 50% of your productive time back We are not going into the mechanics of methods and process of applying culture in our day to day work. I will share the framework that I have picked from a time management course. Let’s call it Urgent vs Importance Framework. Breaking your… Continue reading Waste Work

I am hiring a LinkedIn Community Manager

Designation: LinkedIn Community Manager Reporting To: Vikram Shetty Experience: 0 (Zero) years / Fresh Graduates Salary: 20,000 INR per month Company: Roles and Responsibility Prospecting – LinkedIn Sales Navigator prospecting and processing 100 per month for community requests. People – Knowing our community and finding 10 related posts daily and writing a thoughtful comment to them. Priming – Researching… Continue reading I am hiring a LinkedIn Community Manager

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Promoting Setbacks

Professional Setbacks are something we are not taught how to deal with. During this interview season, you will meet rejections every now and then. It’s the part of the process and you will learn to deal with it. I can have empathy with the fact that one feels bad about these rejections. An adult has… Continue reading Promoting Setbacks


A story that happened a couple of days back. In the society that we live in, a cricket tournament was organised. If you are from India, you will know that cricket is a religion in my country. It was a big event, and almost 250 people participated, from kids, women and men. I don’t play… Continue reading Match


I think of the below image whenever I hear the word blueprint. I always thought it needs a sophisticated talented team with millions of dollars of funding. You need a big glass building and pricy machines and technology at hand. You need a fancy degree and extraordinary brilliance. We have grown our business with simple… Continue reading Blueprint