It is fascinating that we don’t achieve small milestones because we spend a lot of time on other unrelated activities. Attention to detail is one of those practices that, done consistently, will help you achieve your milestone effortlessly. We are not attracted to it because it sounds like paperwork. Boring, mundane and work. You like… Continue reading Details



unable to be touched; not having a physical presence. Culture is intangible. You can not measure culture but may see some signals. You don’t revenue benefits of culture in the first year. It often makes you think about why would you invest in the culture? Before we get into the reasons, let’s see some signals.… Continue reading Intangible

English Accent

A question came up during my daily 1-on-1 with my team. “How to better understand the client’s English accent during the client call?” This post is about the 5 step-by-step systems that will answer the question. Five Steps System to handle the English accent of the client Practice: Watch any pre-recording of the client we… Continue reading English Accent


It’s an event when you are trying to build something larger than yourself. You will have disagreements with your team, partners, clients and vendors. You will have to learn to deal with it each time. You will take it personally. The challenge is you should avoid doing it. Your friend here is thinking objectively.¬†You do… Continue reading Conflict


Vacations and breaks play an essential role in your business life. You will never take a break when you see business as a race. When you see it as a journey, you will find the importance of the break. It’s a part of what makes your business a success. I took a 2-week break after… Continue reading Break

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Let go

Letting go of your people is always a tough call to make. Sometimes some hiring is a miscalculation, and the expectation is mismatched. The probation period helps, but it is too early to make a call. There are other unprecedented reasons which make it impractical. A growing company always plays on chances, potential and gut.… Continue reading Let go

Why do talent works?

I like the word talent used for the team member. I think it makes sense for knowledge work. It’s known wisdom that most people work for good pay. Salary is one of the primary factors for someone to choose a job but it’s not the only one. I think there are three important factors Money… Continue reading Why do talent works?

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Productive Day

I have written an article named Being Average about my Ideal day. It was something that I say is good on paper. I have shared it before that once our company reaches half a million in turnover I would consider myself someone who is good at building business. I know this is the wrong metric… Continue reading Productive Day

Golden Hour

The purpose of my life is not to serve my business but the sole purpose of my business is to serve my life. Thus I go to work on my business and not in it. from the book The EMyth Revisited Our team working on the system we created for our business. Their purpose is… Continue reading Golden Hour


As good writers always advise that writing is all about editing. Removing the words which are not required. Replacing complex words with simpler ones. Converting 10 words sentences into 5 words. Splitting longer paragraphs into 2-3 lines. Let me edit the above paragraph which is already easy to read. Writing is about editing. Remove not… Continue reading Edit