Productive Day

I have written an article named Being Average about my Ideal day. It was something that I say is good on paper. I have shared it before that once our company reaches half a million in turnover I would consider myself someone who is good at building business.

I know this is the wrong metric to measure. The better way to think about it is to focus on a problem that people are ready to pay. I need to get cracking on the problem that we are happy to solve.

My productive day can be broken down into 3 parts only

  1. My 1-on-1 call with each team member
  2. Slow work of sales demo, systems and strategy
  3. Calls with clients and community (future clients)

The day is not about how much I get done, it’s about how deep I go into the flow and dive deep into the thought process. It’s about easily unlocking leverage for my team and my clients. It’s a feeling at the end of the day.

Our vision is to help every sustainability analyst find insights using data science

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