Making Indian Youth more employable

Code Name:- Project 100 Internships {IT/CS College Students}

A simple idea to make a change in the direction of your career, which you will start in the next few years.

94% of IT graduates not fit for hiring: Tech Mahindra CEO

The Times of India

I did some more research and found these gaps in college students

  1. Trapped in a college bubble
  2. Little industry exposure
  3. No Professional Apprenticeship
  4. The duration of Internships is too small to learn any real skills
  5. Lack in confidence
  6. Lacked strong English skills (Written communication)
  7. Unable to work in a team (Don’t know to collaborate)
  8. Not having some industry exposure from the first year
  9. Cannot handle failure
  10. Don’t know how to take initiatives
  11. Not having skills to analyse or do research on their own
  12. Don’t know How to ask a better question?

What is the solution?

It’s easy to talk about the problems and add another 100 gaps and why the students are failing? If you are more interested in solving the problem, before reading ahead, share this article with your college friends in the Whatsapp group and tell them you are working towards increasing the employability of Indian college students.

Thank you for sharing!!!

If you have not shared this article, that means you lack point number 10 in the above gap; that’s the one thing you can take away from this blog post. Now coming back to the solution. It’s a straightforward one you should be doing some form of internship during your 3-4 years of higher education.

This is how I want to be a part of the solution by offering 100 internships to college students like you for working approximately 10 hours or less per month and paying them 1000 rupees (INR) per month.

You will also receive a letter of recommendation

I believe the skills that you will end up learning is teamwork, communication, confidence, empathy, trust, curiosity, asking for help, managing time, learning from setbacks, applying common sense, being vulnerable, problem-solving, failing fast, collective learning, asking better questions, collaboration, decision making, prioritising, calculated risk-taking, experimenting, taking leverage, accountability, taking initiatives, creativity, self-awareness, patience, kindness, responsibility, gratitude, reading business books, agility, productivity, thinking, disagreements, setting expectations, measuring progress and many more.

If you think the payment is less let’s chat on Twitter here is my account

Do you feel overwhelmed? Don’t. It may take time but you can build it one skill at a time. Also, you cannot do it by reading it, Like you cannot read about swimming or driving. Do you want a 5 Step Framework to show you exactly how it can be done with an example? Tweet me and ask me about UpSkill your SoftSkill document. My Twitter account is

Why do I think this is a solution?

Here are my 10 reasons to do this project.

  1. Collaboration: You will have an experience working closely with 100 team members
  2. Communication: All the internship work will be from Twitter and remote work
  3. Content: The topic of this experiment would be around Machine Learning
  4. Compensation: You would be paid for approx 100/200 INR per hr
  5. Concise: You will only have to work for 10 hours that will be flexible throughout the month
  6. Comfort: Every Internship activity are designed to be worked from your mobile
  7. Creative: Long-term internship will give you enough time to be creative and learn from others too
  8. Confidence: You will have a monthly mentorship call with me to boost your confidence
  9. Career: You will build your network so strong that you will have a great start for your career
  10. Capability: You will build the capacity and accountability of building new skills on demand

If you like the idea tell me on twitter here is my account

How does the Internship look like?

If you want to know how to apply for this internship let’s chat on Twitter here is my account

The structure of the internship is divided into two parts 25 Internship Job activities and 4 team members in each of the activities.

  1. Internship Job Activity #1 Project 100 Internship:-
  2. Internship Job Activity #2 Content Creation:-
  3. Internship Job Activity #3 Promoting Podcast:-
  4. Internship Job Activity #4 Building Readership for Blog Article “Building our Team“. You will learn about building an online community of like-minded people.
  5. Internship Job Activity #5 Searching Speaking Engagement for Soft Skills to IT/CS Students. You will learn about Pitching ideas.
  6. Internship Job Activity #6 Social Selling our Digital Scorecard. You will be learning about community engagement.
  7. Internship Job Activity #7 Organic traffic to the Global Corporate List. You will learn about high visibility awareness.
  8. Internship Job Activity #8 Curating Client posts for engagement by providing valuable comments on thier post. You will learn about Market Intelligence and User Behavior.
  9. Internship Job Activity #9 Code Research on ML using R on Global Corporate List. You will learn about applying program for a Business use case.
  10. Internship Job Activity #10 Writing White Paper on ML Case Studies. You will learn about business writing.

I will not disclose the rest of the activities yet because I want to see if the youth care about the been employable, so once I have the first 10 interns for the above activities, I will update a few more activities.

I want thank you for reading this post by giving you a list of 10 talks that will change you.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Why is the pay so low? I think the objective here is to learn and this low but high value for your time pay will only attract talent who are more intrested in learning in small time.
  2. Will I be giving interview for Internship? Yes, that is an very important skill for your career.
  3. Why is the intership done via Twitter? I believe that activity alone will add more skill to your career like written communication, reading insights, remote work, being concise, following up, working on systems, discipline of daily checkup to name a few. Mostly other students who can learn from our work expereince too. Thus may be helping 1000 more students.
  4. Why is the internship interview process so long and systematic? It will teach you How to apply for a job in a self service mode? Most remote work these days have these kind of the interview process
  5. What should I do if I liked the idea but I am not sure its for me? You should share it with 100 people and see what others have to say about the idea, more contradiction means more insight for you. Our target is to make sure this article has 10000 views. Can you be a part of it?
  6. What happens if I don’t like the job after a month? You can stop doing it.
  7. Can I do 2 activities? No, because we want to give more opportunities to more students
  8. Why do you have kept only 100 intership? The yearly salary for us to give will come to 12 lakhs and we are not sure if the activity will bring more clients to us. Its an experiment and experiments have budgets Our budget currently is 12 lakhs per year.
  9. Will the monthly salary increase? No, even if the experiement is successful we would like to add more students to the program so that we can increase the employability of India. (Can you share this post only for this reason?)
  10. Won’t I stop learning after few month? No, because the targets will increase gradually for each activities. Thus making it more challenging and learning new things in the process.
  11. Can I get fired? Yes, If we found you are not doing the job properly we can fire you.

I am requesting you to share this with as many college students as possible if you believe that new ideas can have an impact.



  1. I appreciate the initiative taken.
    I have shared it with one of my friend and I would love to be a part of this journey.

    1. Thank you for doing that, It will help the initiative reach more people. Sure you can be a part. The steps of the interview are mentioned in the article. You can start with Internship Job Activity #1 it about promoting this article

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