How do I produce Podcast?

Sustainability Scorecard Stories” is a podcast where we invite guests from teams who work in the space of Sustainability Benchmarking, Index, Assessment, Rating and Rankings.

5 Steps I do produce podcast

  1. Our podcast is an interview style podcast. You can have an insight based with one person sharing the ideas.
  2. We send invite to guest and connect with them on zoom.
  3. I record the session on my local PC and find the audio file with extension audio_only.m4a
  4. I use Audacity (Free software) to edit the audio and add a background royalty free music.
  5. Create an audiogram using Headliner. It allows you to create few audiograms per month.

Listen to one of the episodes here.

Side Notes:

  1. I used a noise cancellation headphones with mic
  2. You can publish it in spotify or google podcast at step 4
  3. You can use Anchor to publish to all popular platform at once.

I am hiring a LinkedIn Assistant

Designation: Business Development Trainee

[This post is updated on 9th Dec 2020]

Working Style: Remote work

Working Time: 5 days a week for 8 hours per day

Reporting To: Vikram Shetty

Expereince: 0 (Zero) years / Fresh Graduates

Salary: 20,000 INR per month

Photo by inlytics • LinkedIn Analytics Tool on Unsplash

Roles and Responsibility

  1. To Search potential guests for the podcast on LinkedIn
  2. Search potential leads for the new business development
  3. Search good content posted by the sustainability benchmarking community
  4. Research on LinkedIn social media tips to improve organic reach
  5. Create a daily quiz based on your daily work
  6. Fill a daily status report to track your progress and collect useful links 

Career Growth

The question that can come to your mind is what could be the carrer growth for this role. If you are not from the Sustainability Field then its a Sales Carreer.

However if you are from Sustainability Field and finding it difficult to find a job in your space this role will provide you few expereinces

  1. Communication and Networking Skills
  2. Good knowledge on the current happenings in the domain
  3. Learnings to build relationship and collabrations
  4. Learn a bit about social media and marketing
  5. Build your presence on LinkedIn

You can do this role for an year and then get back to your job search.

Above skills will be useful for the rest of your life

Your day at work

First Task: Your first hour of the day, you will focus on finding a guest for our podcast “Sustainability Scorecard Stories” You will tag me (Vikram Shetty) in one of their latest posts in comment with a hashtag #Sustainability. Thus, I will come to know you are thinking of this person as the guest for the podcast. Your daily target here will be 10 potential guests. You can learn about our community here (How to find leads?).

Second Task: This will be the second hour of your day where you will find people I should connect with to build a relationship. You will come to know that because I will not be your mutual connections. The technique to inform me will be similar to above and the hashtag you will use to tag me in the comment is #SDG #Sustainability. Your daily target here will be 10 connections. You can learn about our community here (How to find leads?).

Third Task: This could be the 3rd hour of the day in which you will find a question or a conversational post which I can add a meaningful comment. You will tag me to this post with a hashtag #data. Your daily target will be 10 posts. You can learn about our community here (How to find leads?). Example 1 or Example 2

Fourth Task: The next task will be for this community to help them find innovative articles. This is to find any interesting sustainability articles (containing stats, data, research or benchmark) and tag me with hashtag #innovation. Your daily target will be 5 articles.

Fifth Task: Research on improving my LinkedIn posts; this will be a social media learning post and share 5 new tiny ideas we can implement in our daily post or message. Your daily target will be to find 5 tips.

Sixth Task: To find an article and convert it into questions with multichoice answer OR you can think a question of your own. Here is an example. You will update the question with options in the daily survey explained in Measure your day below. If you do not find any question than add a quote from the comment of any posts.

Seventh Task: To fill your daily update in Probench, Make it as rich and informative as you can explain your findings and reflect on your day. You can spread this task across the day after each task or if you find an interesting link go to answer 7 on the survey and add the link.

Measuring your day

We will use our web software (Probench) which will have the following survey that you will participate at the end of each day. It will have a variation of following questions

  1. Have you tagged Vikram to 10 potential guests on our podcast? (Y/N)
  2. Have you tagged Vikram to 10 potential connections? (Y/N)
  3. Have you tagged Vikram to 10 comments to reply? (Y/N)
  4. Have you tagged Vikram to 5 innovative articles? (Y/N)
  5. Write down 5 tips on LinkedIn that will help us grow (Text Answer)
  6. What is your question of the day? (Text Answer)
  7. Do you have any questions/doubts to ask to Vikram? (Text Answer)
  8. Attach all the interesting web links you found during the entire day.


  1. Good at written communications
  2. Work from home ready with personal Laptop/PC + Internet
  3. Ready to work full time remote or digital nomad work.

If you are interested in the job, you can email to along with your resume and current location with the subject:

Job application for Business Development Trainee

I will send across the salary details and the next step of the interview process.

There are two interview rounds

Round One – Write an Article on LinkedIn (Details will be given to you once you email me)

Round Two – Only if your Article is qualified you will have a zoom interview call

I wish you all the best!

If you don’t see yourself fit for this role share this article with your other friends in different WhatsApp group


10 Netflix Shows to Learn Leadership

Binge watching is the phrase we use in 2020. It’s a manufactured addiction for us to be a consumer of contant. While it can lead to lot of time consumption we can also influence it in our favour.

Disclaimer: All are American shows

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Here are 10 Netflix shows you can watch to learn more about leadership in no particular order

  1. The Playbook : It is a show on the journey of athletes-turned-coaches and their immense love and dedication for the sport.
  2. RBG : By turns heartfelt and playful, this documentary details Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s life and landmark work on women’s right
  3. The Last Dance : This docuseries chronicles the rise of superstar Michael Jordan and the 1990s Chicago Bulls, with unaired footage from an unforgettable 1997-98 season. Scoring an Emmy for Outstanding Documentary Series, this slam-dunk show features Michael Jordan, Phil Jackson and more.
  4. Rising Phoenix : Elite athetes and insiders reflect on the Paralympic Games and examine how they impact a global understanding of disability, diversity and excellence.
  5. Becoming : Joyful. Honest. Inspiring. Michelle Obama brings us up close and behind the scenes of her history-making book tour
  6. Knock down the house : A waitress, a coal miner’s daughter, a grieving mother, a nurse. They took a run at power — and rocked the political world
  7. Bobby Robson : Explore the life and times of legendary sccer manager Bobby Robson, whose keen mind for the game was matched only by his devotion to his teams
  8. Maddman : This documentary chronicles the rise of the footwear designer behind a billion-dollar empire and his subsequent comeback after a financial scandal
  9. Losers : We live in a society in which people believe that winning is everything and losing can be hard for people to handle. This docuseries uses sports as a guide to examine the psychology of losing as people find ways to handle failure.
  10. Inside Bill’s Brain – Decoding Bill Gates

I hope you enjoyed this list, If you have any recommendation on show please leave it in the comments below.

Me & My Friends work here

I am writing this post to the new batch of B.Sc.(IT) and B.Sc.(CS) students for Nagindas Khandwala College. We were the first batch of B.Sc.(IT) of the college.

Names of the companies and cities/countries, me and my friends work:

  1. 73bit Limited – Mumbai, India
  2. 73bit Limited – Mumbai, India
  3. JPMorgan Chase – Mumbai, India
  4. Newtrition Plus Health & Wellness Pvt. Ltd – Mumbai, India
  5. Kronix X Ray & Allied Products – Mumbai, India
  6. ABSG United States of America
  7. IDFC First Bank – Mumbai, India
  8. Spark – Auckland, New Zealand 
  9. – Mumbai, India
  10. IBM – Mumbai, India
  11. IBM – Mumbai, India
  12. KPMG – Mumbai, India
  13. Capgemini – Mumbai, India
  14. Travelex – Mumbai, India
  15. AegonLife – Mumbai, India
  16. BNP Paribas – Mumbai, India
  17. TCS – United States of America
  18. Retransform – The Annet Group – Dubai
  19. New York Flim Academy – California, USA
  20. Deloitte – Hyderabad, India
  21. SAP – United States of America
  22. eBay – San Francisco, USA
  23. Westpac – Adelaide, Australia
  24. WorkSafe – Wellington, New Zealand
  25. Optus – Sydney, Australia
  26. JPMorgan Chase & Co – New Jersey, USA
  27. Self Employed – Mumbai, India
  28. BNSF Railways – Texas, USA
  29. Transport for NSW – Sydney Australia
  30. Reliance Capital – Mumbai, India
  31. Cipla- Mumbai, India
  32. Indialinks – Mumbai, India
  33. 3i Infotech – Mumbai, India
  34. IndiaFirst Life Insurance – Mumbai, India
  35. Rustomjee International – Mumbai, India
  36. Aaditya Pigments & Chemical Industries LLP – Mumbai, India
  37. Independent Contractor – Wellington, New Zealand

I hope this was useful for you to learn more about the companies or professions you can work on. If you liked this post and are currently a student. Answer the following question in the comments below

What’s your dream company to work for?

25 ways to create content for instagram with 1 art piece

This post is written for Mr Ajay Vora. He is my uncle and even though this was written as a stragey to help him create his instagram page with continous content atleast once per day for an year. If you are creative person you will find ways to apply same for your work of art.

by Ajay Vora

So we have 1 painting what can we do with this.

1 The painting.

2 Mr Ajay Vora holding the painting and taking a picture.

3 Mr Ajay Vora’s video describing the paint

4 Mr Ajay Vora’s photo while making the painting

5 Hidding the painting with his hand and showing only little of it

6 Taking black and white photo of the painting

7 Adding a quote photo based on the theme of the painting

8 Adding a name and description of painting in notes app and taking screenshot

9 Taking the picture of the painting in night time

10 Time lapse while making the painting

11 Converting the painting into sketch or drawing using free online tools

12 Mr Ajay Vora talking about one special thing about the painting

13 Mr Ajay Vora photo shoot with the painting

14 Adding a related hindi poem which reflects the theme of the painting

15 Staging the painting with some household objects like lamp, table, frame, murti, glassware, plates etc

16 Facts of colour

17 Talking about Mr Ajay Vora’s learning about Instagram and post he tries to keep up

18 Mr Ajay Vora’s stories about his thoughts around reuse of materials, paints and style

19 Quote by famous painters

20 Facts of famous paintings

21 Half made paintings in progress

22 Photo of arranged painting materials 

23 Repost Reuse Quotes

24 Photo of workstation

25 Place mobile in front of the paiting to see it from the lens

The Math

So we have 365 days a year so we need 15 paitings to continously posts daily on Instagram and if you have more painting you can mix it up.

I hope it was useful to you.

Happy Painting!!!

Estimating using Dog points

Estimate each of the dogs below in dog points, assigning each dog a minimum of 1 dog point and a maximum of 13 dog points. It may be hard for you to understand this without a context but in Scrum software development the fibonacci serries of estimation has a refrence to dog points.

A dog point represents the height of a dog at the shoulder.

Dachshund – 1 point

Bulldog – 3 points

Labrador Retriever – 5 points

Greman Shepard – 5 points

Saint Bernard – 8 points

Great Dane – 13 points

Other Dog points for your reference

Terrier – 1 point

Poodle – 1 point

Irish Setter – 5 points

I hope you got an idea about how you can imagine each points are relatively diffrent from each other and easier to estimate. The idea is to work with the natural strength of human mind.

Business Development for a Dance Teacher

This post is for Sonam. She is my sister in law. She is an Bharatanatyam Dancer. Due to the current Covid-19 situation she has changed the way to teaching to online classes like most of the education world has done.

I think Solo Artists like her can use the a combition of mutliple professions to get new students to teach. Here is an idea on the same direction.

Niche Workshop

A workshop is typically a 5 day class in which you learn a specific dance choreography or technique (I am not an expert so it may differ). Now the trick here is to pick a Niche Workshop.

Back to Dance – A workshop to take back to your dancing memories

So your student will have Bharatanatyam skills but are in diffrent profession. Like you would have been a CA. They could be Analyst, HR or any other profession but in the past they use to do Bharatanatyam dance. Some may be doing today as well.

Where do you find your student?

Simple answer is LinkedIn. You will ask but how? Let me show you. There is a search feature in LinkedIn called “Skill: Bharatnatyam” The underline word can be changed to anything other skills. See the example below: undefined

The first person from HR has a skill of Bharatnatyam. There are more than 1000 results and there is another spelling of Bharatanatyam too.

Why will they join your dance workshop?

Because you will offer them a FREE weekend dance workshop preview. In which you will not only take them through the topic of 5 days workshop but also do a live activity that will be similar or part of the actual workshop.

So once you find them send a connection request with the link of the zoom meeting in which you will offer the preview. You can also create a linkedIn post with video of explaing it and mentioning the zoom link in comments fo them to join on Staturday with other details. This post link can be also an invite text when sending the request.

What happens after Preview?

You offer at the end detail about the Workshop and the fees for the same. Those who have enjoyed your preview will join Back to Dance Workshop

How many invite should I send per week?

If we go with the law of average. You have to reverse engineer the numbers. It depends on the number of student you need in your workshop. If you need 5 students. Here is the math with 25% moving forward at each stage.

So for preview you need 20 people, which means you need 80 people accepting your preview invitation, which means you need to send 320 LinkedIn invitation.

Once you do this and you find the numbers don’t match you can recalculate based on your percent of people moving forward in each stage. Mostly with 5 Workshop you should be able to find your number.

I cannot have 20 people in preview, It will reduce the quality

Okay, In that case you can keep 1 workshop per month and keep 3 weekend prior to that for preview so that you can have fewer student in the preview session. You should also charge 30% advance as a booking fee. So that you can know how many more preview you need the following week. That will make you keep the workshop with high quality and few student so that you can pay extra attention.

You can also have 4 such concept per month and run mutliple preview for diffrent audience and thus keeping you busy for whole month.

I hope this was useful to you and the others who are reading it right now. Do the work and let me know the results.

Ever wanted to start a business, this lockdown is your time.

Have you already taken the precaution to sit at home and work from home? You are planning to stay put for the next two weeks. Congratulations you may have earned 20 hours of the weekend and 10 hours of travel time per week, Mumbai. So with 60 hours in hand what are the first steps you can do to begin. The below idea would work bests for online and social media-based business. However, the most part will apply to every consulting business. The idea has to work for you by providing the service sitting at home via the medium of the internet.

If you don’t satisfy any of the above criteria and are still reading to kill time, continue reading. I have something for you too in the end. Or else you can stop right now 🙂

  1. Negotiate this time with your family and get uninterrupted hours to work on your business. If you are passionate or not this time will act as a limit test.
  2. Recruit your family, start the first hire at home. If you can’t sell your business idea to your family, how else you could you sell anyone else. Hiring is a skill you will cherish for long.
  3. Write about the business idea in a blog, LinkedIn or Facebook. If you are afraid if you can lose your job title it as “This Lockdown got me thinking about a business idea are there any takers”. Don’t worry, ideas are cheap execution is the king.
  4. If you are not good at writing, you can do the same via video or podcast its easy. If you cannot google your way of technology impediments. That could be a challenge in this current business environment. (Remember you are working from home)
  5. Identify your tribes. They are your primary customer. You have to know what are their age, gender, profession, income, individual or organization, location, and where online you can find them.
  6. Once you identify them to search them. Can you find them on any specific platform LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter etc? What do they care about? What do they talk about?
  7. Share your business idea blog/video/podcast you created with them by connecting with them. Tell if they have 5-10 min to discuss the idea.
  8. Ask if they would be ready to pay for it if they are excited to ask them for advance. If you can serve them your business is started or else return the money.
  9. Now you have all the inputs required you can craft your service; it’s delivery method and its price points.
  10. If you are still reading and you don’t have any business idea, think of 3 people with whom you should share this blog, and they will benefit from it. This thinking process could help you come up with an idea. Remember this is not for everyone.

You can put your thoughts in the comments below. I would like to get some feedback and reply.

Stay Safe and Healthy!!!

Make Content – 50 Ideas

Every content should provide value to the viewer

Ideas has to be viewed from your work and subject

  1. Screenshot of note app.
  2. Create text image.
  3. Add quote around your dog
  4. Simple Photo –
  5. Behind the Scene –
  6. Motivation Quotes –
  7. Stand with a sign –
  8. Tweet Screenshot –
  9. Book you are reading –
  10. Write on paper/Napkin –
  11. Family member’s Phone –
  12. Any Video –
  13. Sketch on paper –
  14. Laptop work –
  15. Generic ToDo list –
  16. Walk the Talk –
  17. Food pictures –
  18. Meaning of word –
  19. Tea/Coffee –
  20. Thankyou –
  21. Daily home objects –
  22. Random objects –
  23. Good News –
  24. Post it Notes –
  25. How To’s –
  26. Hand Gestures –
  27. Songs you listen-
  28. Popular Wisdom –
  29. SMS Screenshot –
  30. Question of the day –
  31. WhatsApp Screenshot –
  32. Tape your mouth –
  33. Letter Board –
  34. Your day like –
  35. Behind the scenes –
  36. Hyperlapse videos –
  37. Running a Contest
  38. Pose in B/W
  39. Anouncements –
  40. Songs you are listening –

Ideas for Daily Stories

  1. Daily Practice Videos
  2. Video of Zoom Call on Laptop
  3. Sharing your post as story (5 each day)
  4. Promoting a firend’s content on story
  5. Daily Workout
  6. Selfie style Monologue to teach something
  7. Screen shot of a cool chat with someone.
  8. Screen shot of an intresting comments
  9. Daily Polls on your subject
  10. Daily inspiring words on your subject


  1. On Sunday or any day take our some time for making content. Start with 1 hour and see if you can create 35 content for the week.
  2. Start with the basic ones like point number 1,4,6,8,9,10,11
  3. Just make sure your caption is aligned wiht the post.
  4. Keep a copy of multiple set of hastags in the notes app
  5. If you are not able to create 35 in 1 hour see if you can find additional hour in the week.
  6. Stories need not be planned for now. You can set a daily reminders of morning, afternoon, evening, night, 2 other slots to post your Story
  7. Start with simple stories like 3,4,7,8
  8. Later you can plan your polls, quotes, workout and monologues.
  9. First Goal is to create daily habit of posting with 1-2 hours of time spend in create consistency.
  10. Once you know what your daily velocity of content is we can see of improve later.
  11. If you look the ideas each post of your week will be diffrent and you can start will repeating 5 ideas daily.


  1. Daily 5 Instagram Post
  2. Daily 7+ Instagram Stories
  3. 30 consequetive days (Most Important)


  1. Your Phone
  2. Phone’s Default note app
  3. Canva Mobile App

Let’s Go!!!

Make some Awesome Content.

Business Idea – Healthy Habits Buddy

A friend of mine was discussing an idea to start a business. She is currently working in Corporate world and have a dream of becoming a Business women.

Her passion is around health, food and fitness and I only spoke with her like 5 minutes. I know that time is not enough to conclude anything but She didnot turned up on our first online chat meeting. I have blocked my time so I thought of creating some plan or working idea that would suit her busy schedule. Something to start part time.

So based one few Business principles

  • Starting a online service business from zero money.
  • Using the power of Whatsapp or other messaging tools.
  • Making use of wearable technology devices like fitbit.
  • Creating Systems that is repeatable and provable.
  • Indentifying product market fit.

So I am writing this article so it can be used by anyone who wants to. 😃

Business should start from a vision but partime business must start from a passion.

Because your work timing for it in Mumbai, India will be 9 pm to midnight. (You can calculate for your cities.)

The Idea

I think she can become a Healthy Habit Buddy. Her role would be to help people to take them towards thier health goals. She will do that by being a good buddy during the journey by keeping track of the tiny habit changes, providing solutions to daily challanges and checking the stats of wearable.

Remember we are not being a deitian, trainer or coach. It’s like a job of a peer who keeps a check on you when you ask. Friends use to do that in past now everyone is busy so you need to have this buddy. For example if the person wants to walk 10,000 steps a day. She can’t find time. The healthy habit buddy will talk to her and figure out time from her current schedule and hack some time out for compelting the steps. Like park your car far, take a walking meeting in office, fill the water bottle from another floor, take stairs after lunch etc. I hope you got the point.

The Clients

They have to be working women in Corporate world because then she will know exactly the challanges they are facing. She will also know the lifestyle and environment. It has to be super niche like women in her industry or even doing similar roles. To begin with the number of clients can be 1 to 10. She is currently creating success stories.

The Method

Any service should have a proven method for gaining trusts from clients. One of the easy way would be to share a proven method to audience.

Here is one way to do that using Automic habits. She study this and buy a copy of the book too. Go through all the excerises and prepare her self.

She will have to start her own journey first. She has to put the goals out there. I will pick the most common health goal to demonstrate an example. ‘Weight loss’ So she can put the stat with current picture and share the daily or weekly progress with the audience on any social media platform.

Thus creating a proven method of not only achieving the goal but also to keeping it going.

The Process

Once she has tested her methods and if it is showing resutls every time, She has to convert it into a measurable systems and look for a volunteer who would be her first client.

On average, it takes more than 2 months before a new behavior becomes automatic — 66 days to be exact.

Here is the link for above number. So the first client will be along with her for 8 weeks. Her system should involve weekly calls and followups, Some Daily messages and guide materials in case of any challanges.

She will only work on 1 Keystone habit. Because the client can use the framework and then build on other habits based on it.

First few clients she can work for free. Then her fees can be weekly in advance to keep it more interactive and personal. This will imply that the client is sincer about changing the habit.

Unique Selling PointPricing

There has to be an unique way to market the business hence the pricing could be a talk of the town. So we will use incentive method to charge the clients.

Let’s say the week fee for the the buddy is INR 2,450 only. There will be task and activity clubbed for each day so 7 days. If all the activity for the day is achieved than clients will get back 350 Rs for each day. Thus for completling all the task the service can be availed for FREE.

Once the 2 months is completed and the NEW habit is formed the client can choose to give a bonus fee as per thier wish. This indicates a litmus test that they really had a great expreince with the service and the life lesson is worth the money.

Your top health can skyrocket your confidence, that’s priceless

Flaws in the plan

  • It will take a long time before you have first paying customer.
  • It could be challenging to prove that the system works with any one.
  • Scalability could be challenging.
  • There are many cracks but this is the intial thoughts in words
  • The advantage would be that she will master the art of habit. That’s a life lesson.

Let me know what do you think about this idea in comments below?