Guaranteed Results

A job may guarantee that you will get the result of a monthly paycheck. It’s often when you get into the business after working for some year in a job to ask for a guarantee. It’s your subconscious mind that always puts your focus back on it. As you may have already known where focus… Continue reading Guaranteed Results

I don’t know

It’s one of those sentences that need courage, confidence and care. It’s not only about telling it. It’s about meaning it and displaying humility. A leader needs to communicate their vulnerability and ask for help, especially from their team. You don’t become a leader to be right. You become one to take forward the cause.… Continue reading I don’t know

North Star

We have finally crafted our vision statement that we are happy with. Our vision is to help every sustainability analyst find insights with affordable data science Vision statement works like a North Star to a sailor. When you are in the sea at night and are travelling in the north direction, you follow the… Continue reading North Star

Less is More

In my previous article, I spoke about the Paradox of how chasing to become a successful businessman is counterintuitive. You can read about it where I explained what actions are I need to take that are completely focused on the sustainability analyst. The byproduct of my actions will bring in more clients, more work and… Continue reading Less is More


a seemingly absurd or contradictory statement or proposition which when investigated may prove to be well-founded or true. Allow me to tell you one such reality that is currently happening in my life. I am afraid of not being a successful businessman. However, the chase to become a successful businessman will stop me from becoming… Continue reading Paradox


The reason why you are in business makes a lot of decisions simple. It not only helps you find the right clients but also the right team members who believe in your vision. We want to give access to affordable and valuable data science for every Sustainability Analyst so that they stand a chance to… Continue reading Vision

Current Interns

I thought it would be a good idea to make the 100 internship program and open a mastermind where you can directly interact with interns on Twitter and share your experience. Ayush Shah Dhruvi Shah Vidhi Patel Pooja Saraskar Kunal Kadam Kunjan Shah

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I have recently taken a session for about 250+ college students and some of them came back to ask me about some important links that they could not take notes on. This one is for those introverts who didn’t ask for it. They are more interested to know more and studying the link further. If… Continue reading Important!!!

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I started observing businesses

I have cultivated this habit of looking for business systems or services when I am a customer of any business. It’s a live learning session for me. I am not looking for how much money I have save but what services the provide improve my customer experience. I know I have bought a premium service… Continue reading I started observing businesses

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