a seemingly absurd or contradictory statement or proposition which when investigated may prove to be well-founded or true.

Allow me to tell you one such reality that is currently happening in my life. I am afraid of not being a successful businessman. However, the chase to become a successful businessman will stop me from becoming one. Confused? Let me explain. The strange thing is I can see through it clearly and still won’t take a hard decision to correct my course.

I know from our past breakthroughs is that the focus of me and my entire team has to be on 1 objective and it results in success. We have experienced in the past that when we had a data loss situation and everyone came together. We had 1 goal, 1 objective and a lot of pressure. We planned it with a calm mind and full curiosity to optimise the process. We could recover most of the data and manage the client relationship as well. We had some short term losses but we created stronger and more robust backup plans to make sure it never happens again. The idea of businessman and entrepreneur is blurred now, every small business has termed a startup.

An entrepreneur has to be right only once


Firstly let’s define success for me in terms of revenue and outcome. So that we have a context to understand. For me, it’s a profitable business with 50% profits, the ability to scale with a smaller team, 50 clients or more, complete business runs on systems and processes. Let’s see where we are now. 20% projected profit for next financial year, no scope of scaling with the current small team, 15 clients and partial implementation of systems.

The paradox here is that when I and my team focus on what is important to our clients, what is the problem we are solving when we say that we want to provide every sustainability analyst with affordable access to data science and insights. It will be a character of our Product, Service, User Experience, Customer Support, Community Building, Messaging, Internal Conversation, Meeting and so on. Every client will have the same experience, expectations and engagement. They will share it with other sustainability analysts.

There are many modern days leverage we are fortunate to have at disposable with each member of the team. They are our ability to build technology, access to the internet, power of social media, 2400 hours per year to work, connect to talent across India, 10 yrs of knowledge about the niche space and skills to create network effect to 100k Sustainability Analysts.

We have to focus on building this business around a few objectives that will set us up for providing every sustainability analyst with affordable access to data science and insights.


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