Mini Experiment

Goal – Getting things done good enough in half the time.

There will be two groups running multiple experiments with time.

Alpha Group – It will include Achievers and Ignorants
Beta Group – It will consist of Obedients, Critics and Pretenders

The Alpha Group will follow the above steps to participate.

The standard algorithm of the experiment will be as follows
1) Pick any example from the wiki
2) Apply it by taking action on it for a month
3) Bring the results back with plus and minus in the next 1-on-1
4) Update or add to the examples in the wiki
5) Brainstorm to make adjustments and pivot with a new version
6) Go to Step 2 and repeat

The Beta Group will be the passive contributors
1) They will share challenges related to time in the 1-on-1
2) They will get a working proven idea from the Alpha group
3) They can apply the idea as per exact instructions
4) Bring the results back with plus and minus in the next 1-on-1
5) Go to Step 1 and repeat

I would like everyone to be honest about following things

  • Tell me if you will not take any action for the goal
  • Stop pretending by doing fake action for the sake of it
  • Be practical and reasonable while taking any commitment

A simple scientific method would look like a loop of the following steps

Hypothesis > Take Action > Measure Results > Pivot


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