Internship Interview in 100 hours

I am building a system that will increase the opportunity to land an internship interview.

This is for the roles students don’t have much information and the job title are relatively new. We will create the job search system collectively with the feedback of the students who participate in it.

All conversations will be on public tweet

100 hours is only a ballpark number. You can get the interview before that.

There are 5 Steps to getting your internship interview

  1. Build Your Niche Profile
  2. Demonstrate Your Skills
  3. Create Company Lists
  4. Bespoke Outreach
  5. Schedule your Interview

Let’s see if you are qualified to do this 5 Step process.

a) Do you have a LinkedIn Profile?
b) Are you flexible to do both remote and non-remote jobs?
c) Do you have the skills to research a topic using the internet?
d) Do you have good internet and a computer to do the work?
e) Will you be able to demonstrate your work before the interview?
f) Are you creative enough to find answers?
g) What is the role and title of your future internship?
h) Do you have the discipline to work in an iteration?
i) Can you define the steps to demonstrate your skills
j) Are you ready to make a public post on Twitter and LinkedIn?

You can share your answer with me on Twitter (click this link)

Remember each answer to these questions will take you one step closer to the internship interview. There are also other benefits to doing this exercise which I will share with you during the 5-step process.

I wish you all the best!


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