I have recently taken a session for about 250+ college students and some of them came back to ask me about some important links that they could not take notes on. This one is for those introverts who didn’t ask for it. They are more interested to know more and studying the link further. If you are one of them, hit that like button.

Here are a few of them

  1. Your Internship
  2. 50 Tech Jobsite
  3. Internship Interview in 100 hours
  4. Recording of Sessions on my Youtube Channels
  5. My Twitter
  6. Story of Building our Team
  7. My Blog
  8. Twitter Chat with Student to finding an Interview
  9. How to become a 10X Programmer?
  10. 450+ Data Structures and Algorithms Problems
  11. Current Interns
  12. How to create your Resume?
  13. UX/UI Course
  14. 7 steps to find 1st Tech Job

I would ask you to bookmark this link and add a reminder to revisit after 3 months. There will be some new interesting links available.


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