One of the skills I often see people not using based on their past experience and judgement is anticipation. In more directly language is guessing. The explanation given to me is you cannot predict the future. I agree no one can predict the future but everyone can do a fair assessment of the outcome. We do it daily. The Google maps tell you when you reach the destination, it recalibrates based on the traffic data. The Credit score tells the banker if the customer may repay the loan, they know to whom the loan should not be given. Picking a new project in the coming months based on your current schedule.

None of the measurements to predict the action or selection is accurate and we don’t expect it to be one. Its mutually agreed upon and the risk is known to both the party. It still gives a sense of control and the trust to rely on the system.

Here are my few anticipations for

  1. We need a 3 years experience Quality Assurance Team member
  2. We need to community within the team the value of slow work
  3. We need to hire 2 Fresher developer instead of 1
  4. We need a confirmation from each team member that we have the capcity to handle 10 additional clients with the current team size
  5. We need to focus more on measuring quality rather than producing more outcome or profits
  6. We need to educate the team the knowelege of leverage and identify with in team case studies about the efforts that we have done in past which created more outcome in less time.
  7. We need to create our waste list in terms of activities that doesnot create any value for client or makes money for the company and start a process to eliminate them
  8. Our team should be closely involved in Client Community building to learn them better
  9. We need to take calculated risk while getting things done
  10. We need a distill the types of problems we solve for our clients

Once you identify valuable outcomes that you provide, you can price those instead of the activities you engage in to reach said outcomes.

Jonathan Stark

The reason we cannot mobilise most of our team members to work towards the activities that I mentioned above because many of them are busy doing busy work. Many subconsciously have excuses not to work on the above points. Do I have the authority to ask them to do it? Yes. Will I do it? No. The reason It the existing business is still a bit delicate and a sudden change or the luxury to do less work is not in my hand.

Am I giving the excuse? Yes. Because I have the fear that when I try to accelerate the business even by 2X there is a danger of it impacting the business in a negative way in terms of low morale, lesser profits and even losing some clients.


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