Golden Hour

The purpose of my life is not to serve my business but the sole purpose of my business is to serve my life. Thus I go to work on my business and not in it. from the book The EMyth Revisited Our team working on the system we created for our business. Their purpose is… Continue reading Golden Hour


A calculated risk

A calculated risk is a carefully considered decision that exposes a person to a degree of personal and financial risk that is counterbalanced by a reasonable possibility of benefit. Assessing whether or not a risk is worth it involves careful cost-benefit analysis. I have been asking why I am not taking some risk on building our… Continue reading A calculated risk

Changing World Order

The past two years will be remembered in history as the most challenging years for the entire world. Our generation has never heard and seen anything like this before. We all have shared the same experience, fear and challenges. We have heard stories that gave us chills. I don’t even have to tell what I… Continue reading Changing World Order

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Cheat Day

There is a big stigma around missing your practice a day. You think you have lost the plot when you miss a day. It could be any of the following Writing your daily post in your blog Solving wordle Going for a walk Meditation Making a Sales call Working on your business Planing for the… Continue reading Cheat Day

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When in doubt go back to basics. It’s the most common advice you hear from the experts out there. The trade-off is the opportunity cost. Let’s say for example the quality of our service delivery can be improved. It needs people to upskill, the ability to manage cash flow and clarity in the leadership. The… Continue reading Fundamentals

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My NO List

In the recent post named Ten talks that will change you, Naval Ravikant mentions a concept of your hourly rate. He suggests that you should put your hourly rate as aspirational as your income 15-20 years from now. It must sound outrageous, any task or activity that can be done below that price either outsource… Continue reading My NO List

North Star

We have finally crafted our vision statement that we are happy with. Our vision is to help every sustainability analyst find insights with affordable data science Vision statement works like a North Star to a sailor. When you are in the sea at night and are travelling in the north direction, you follow the… Continue reading North Star


a seemingly absurd or contradictory statement or proposition which when investigated may prove to be well-founded or true. Allow me to tell you one such reality that is currently happening in my life. I am afraid of not being a successful businessman. However, the chase to become a successful businessman will stop me from becoming… Continue reading Paradox

Reverse Engineering

A big problem can be solved with tiny changes. If we can meticulously design and adjust your team to focus on the vision. I like the analogy of trekking as an example to achieve a target in a successful business. Climbing a summit is not the only goal of a trekker. They want to become… Continue reading Reverse Engineering


The reason why you are in business makes a lot of decisions simple. It not only helps you find the right clients but also the right team members who believe in your vision. We want to give access to affordable and valuable data science for every Sustainability Analyst so that they stand a chance to… Continue reading Vision