North Star

We have finally crafted our vision statement that we are happy with.

Our vision is to help every sustainability analyst find insights with affordable data science

Vision statement works like a North Star to a sailor. When you are in the sea at night and are travelling in the north direction, you follow the North Star. You don’t want to go to the North Star and you will never reach there. It’s a guide. In case your ship is broken or you don’t have food in your ship you stop to fix the problem at hand first. If you see an island in front of you, you take a detour before you follow the north star. If you are attacked by pirates you fight back and survive. I think you got the idea. It’s to reach your destination alive and whenever you lost track the north star will guide you back.

Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash

You can apply the above analogy to a business. Yesterday in our mentorship session when we were finalising our vision statement. There was an idea discussed right after it which was a short term survival tactic. One point was raised we just discussed the vision and what we are doing right now is completely opposite.

Let me share the vision of two companies because of which I have a career today Microsoft and Google. Microsoft’s said to help people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential and Google said to provide access to the world’s information in one click. They are the most successful company in the world and yet they have a long way to go to meet them. They have dedicated themselves to giving their life to meet that vision. Vision is not a plan. Vision is not a goal. Vision is not a Strategy and your day to day work will not draw a parallel with the vision. It sits at a higher level and has to be read with a mindset of possibilities and abundance.

Instead, you can focus on the following:

  1. Remove or replace all the practices and processes that donot align with our vision
  2. List all the calculated risks that we can are comfortable to take without any downside
  3. Think of services which we can be offer without zero efforts
  4. List all the current offering that are aligned with our vision
  5. Think about diffrent pricing startegy of existing offering
  6. Create new products by only repackaging existing code
  7. Identify all urgent buring pain areas that we currently solve
  8. List all the measurable benefits with metric towards we offer now
  9. Find all the leverages we have in abundant that aligns with our vision
  10. List all the experiments we did in 1 day that worked wonders for us
  11. List all the mistakes in past that don’t align with our vision.
  12. Reimagine the business that would serve our vision to fullest.

Let me end with another analogy. The vision is to eat a sweet mango from the tree you plant. During the early days, you will work with dirt, sweat, mud, fertilizers, water, fences, dirty hands, patience etc You cannot draw any parallel with the sweet tasty mango. You won’t even see the plant for the first few years. All your work doesn’t guarantee a tree let alone a sweet mango. You still have a vision in mind that will guide you through your hard work and perseverance. You make end up setting up a lemonade stand to earn some money to buy top quality fertilizer for your mango seed which is still under the ground.

Does it mean going to buy a lemon from the store doesn’t align with the vision of eating the sweet mango? Even though there is no guarantee of eating the sweet mango you still work on your vision.


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