State of the Art

There is a fascination with building a perfect product. The definition of Perfect is different for everyone. It is nearly impossible for everyone in the team to agree to one shape of perfect. This chaos of being perfect or chasing perfection makes us put in a lot of effort without any results in return.

Does building a Perfect Product means we build a sub standard one? The short answer is NO

Now the conversation is if we don’t chase Perfect what can we chase. We can measure progress. It’s useful and we can see the trend of growth. You get a chance to seek feedback from your client and ask how much do they value it. The measure to value it comes from a simple question. “Do you think you are getting the value for what you are paying?” There is something in our mind when a question is asked to compare it somehow finds an answer. It’s not about being right or wrong. It’s about finding the kind of people who finds value in your product and improving it continuously to make it better. It will keep them delighted and they will bring in more people like them to join the movement.

Better isn’t up to you:- If we care about sustainability and price, then our brain has a slot for our favourite brand, and it’s the one that’s the best at sustainability and price. No Surprise. But our neighbour, the one who cares more about status within the group and luxury, has a very different brand in mind. Which is not surprising, because we’re humans, not machines.

from the book This is Marketing by Seth Godin

Let me share how IKEA makes things more affordable by focusing on what their customer needs a decent quality product.

  1. All products are stacked on wooden pallets and carboad boxes
  2. The IKEA shop is a big industrial wharehouse
  3. They are located outside of the city
  4. They only have few food choices when you go to shop
  5. They don’t offer home delivery of small product from thier shop

Share this to those who prefer progress over perfection


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