I think of the below image whenever I hear the word blueprint. I always thought it needs a sophisticated talented team with millions of dollars of funding. You need a big glass building and pricy machines and technology at hand. You need a fancy degree and extraordinary brilliance. We have grown our business with simple… Continue reading Blueprint

Listen Up!

Listening to understand is one of the lost skills in the world of business. The world is bombarded with so much information that we are constantly thinking about what to speak next. The art of listening has completely or almost living the face of the earth. That’s what my observation is while working with the… Continue reading Listen Up!

The Challenge

It’s not only important to see the big picture but also to lay out the detailed plan of action that will help you and your team to achieve the vision. Most of the US either focuses on the big picture or the details. What we need to do is draw the line between them even… Continue reading The Challenge

Work Standard

Today we are going to talk about precision in our work. We know what the right things to do are and at times we are obsessed with doing the right things, be it working on the task with 100% efficiency or making sure we don’t make a single mistake in our process. In the world… Continue reading Work Standard

State of the Art

There is a fascination with building a perfect product. The definition of Perfect is different for everyone. It is nearly impossible for everyone in the team to agree to one shape of perfect. This chaos of being perfect or chasing perfection makes us put in a lot of effort without any results in return. Now… Continue reading State of the Art