The Challenge

It’s not only important to see the big picture but also to lay out the detailed plan of action that will help you and your team to achieve the vision. Most of the US either focuses on the big picture or the details. What we need to do is draw the line between them even if the effects are imperfect. It is the successful execution of a team effort that brings in the result that puts money in the bank. You may find that it sits in some extra concept that only few business leaders understand. In my opinion it’s a learnable skill that each one of us can do. 

The tiny step that you can take is to create a very obvious action plan that makes sense to you and your team. It could mean that you will have to make many  trade-offs. You may even have to sacrifice a lot of upside in the beginning. And in some cases you will not make sense to many of your clients or colleagues. But over the period of time things will fall in place and you will find the desired outcome.

Even the bigger giants have practice this for example Amazon started as an online book shop where they focus on onley streamlining to sell books from your computer. So whatever you pick up will still give you an opportunity to build a good sized business. The challenge that I want to give you and to myself is to pick the most obvious outcome that you can give your clients and optimise it to the core that it works on its own even when you are sleeping. Be obsessed with it till the point that you know everything about it and have answers to any of the questions that your clients ask.

The topic that I am going to work on for the rest of the year is scoring methodology. It’s been picked by my community and after speaking to more than 400 people. Currently I don’t see much of the contact between our product and the scoring methodology in a benchmark or assessment. However I have seen enough pain areas and few abilities for us to solve it using data science. Let’s see how this shape shop and the entire focus of my communication and content will be around scoring methodology.


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