Delivering Results

You are reading one of that articles that I am sharing with the world as advice even though I am facing similar challenges in my business. The reason to share is that we had few breakthroughs by playing this infinite game of continuous improvement. A big disclaimer there are no guarantees in life. Suppose you… Continue reading Delivering Results


I think of the below image whenever I hear the word blueprint. I always thought it needs a sophisticated talented team with millions of dollars of funding. You need a big glass building and pricy machines and technology at hand. You need a fancy degree and extraordinary brilliance. We have grown our business with simple… Continue reading Blueprint


It is fascinating that we don’t achieve small milestones because we spend a lot of time on other unrelated activities. Attention to detail is one of those practices that, done consistently, will help you achieve your milestone effortlessly. We are not attracted to it because it sounds like paperwork. Boring, mundane and work. You like… Continue reading Details


Vacations and breaks play an essential role in your business life. You will never take a break when you see business as a race. When you see it as a journey, you will find the importance of the break. It’s a part of what makes your business a success. I took a 2-week break after… Continue reading Break

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Golden Hour

The purpose of my life is not to serve my business but the sole purpose of my business is to serve my life. Thus I go to work on my business and not in it. from the book The EMyth Revisited Our team working on the system we created for our business. Their purpose is… Continue reading Golden Hour

Tough Conversation

These are conversations about money, accountability, expectations, desires and will. You avoid it because you don’t want to feel awkward, have bad feelings or anxiety attacks with your had shivering. You don’t want to be the person who bells the cat. You are uncertain about the outcome of this conversation. What are the 2 things… Continue reading Tough Conversation


If you want to go far, go together – African proverb I believe that if a team works closely towards only 1 goal. The possibility of accomplishing it increases exponentially. The counter argument to it is that at least you will avoid working on waste, non productive or meaningless work. The ability to be clear… Continue reading Team


A system is a group of interacting or interrelated elements that act according to a set of rules to form a unified whole. It’s one of the oldest lessons I have learned while understanding the difference between self-employed and business. When you have the legacy of working in a job for a decade there are some old… Continue reading System

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It’s easy to do wishful thinking and read about better ways to build your business. The truth gets exposed when the rubber meets the road. When you have a team and you are doing a service business to fulfil the client’s need. You are unable to predict what delight your clients and which deals are… Continue reading Truth

A calculated risk

A calculated risk is a carefully considered decision that exposes a person to a degree of personal and financial risk that is counterbalanced by a reasonable possibility of benefit. Assessing whether or not a risk is worth it involves careful cost-benefit analysis. I have been asking why I am not taking some risk on building our… Continue reading A calculated risk