Tough Conversation

These are conversations about money, accountability, expectations, desires and will. You avoid it because you don’t want to feel awkward, have bad feelings or anxiety attacks with your had shivering. You don’t want to be the person who bells the cat. You are uncertain about the outcome of this conversation.

What are the 2 things you are ready to let got to gain an higher value item? Becasue tough conversation means you will have to loss some intangible.

Vikram Shetty

The thought of having the conversation means you are not happy with how things are going on. You want to bring a change for good and help your company move forward. It means to do things that are difficult to do. Having a hard conversation is the first step.

It’s the stuff you leave out that matters. So constantly look for the things to remove, simplify, and streamline. Be a curator. Stick to what’s truly essential. Pare things down until you’re left with only the most important stuff. Then do it again. You can always add stuff back in later if you need to.

from the book Rework

I have to have a conversation with the team to stick to what’s truly essential. Helping make micro-decisions about removing waste is a tough conversation.


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