If you want to go far, go together

– African proverb

I believe that if a team works closely towards only 1 goal. The possibility of accomplishing it increases exponentially. The counter argument to it is that at least you will avoid working on waste, non productive or meaningless work. The ability to be clear on few value system that you know if your team strength and client wants.

When you don’t know how to transform teams effort into a systematic income generating activities? You can start with eliminating work so that each team member can get back 1 hour back. You can then design a step by step task that will increase your chance of earning more income. You can start with the low hanging permission less activities. You can initially use the 1 hour to divide the team into multiple groups and come up with ideas for the new task.

Measure the task for a month and course correct. You will at least get an opportunity to do 12 experiment each year. Think about the giving yourself a freedom to have some play at work. Your work is a chance to create an example that you can talk about rest of your career. Share this idea with your team and have a conversation.

What the Manager was telling me, and what the Boss had told him, was that people – your people – do not simply want to work for exciting people. They want to work for people who have created a clearly defined structure for acting in the world. A structure through which they can test themselves and be tested. Such a structure is called a game.

from the book The E Myth Revisted


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