A story that happened a couple of days back. In the society that we live in, a cricket tournament was organised. If you are from India, you will know that cricket is a religion in my country. It was a big event, and almost 250 people participated, from kids, women and men. I don’t play… Continue reading Match


It is fascinating that we don’t achieve small milestones because we spend a lot of time on other unrelated activities. Attention to detail is one of those practices that, done consistently, will help you achieve your milestone effortlessly. We are not attracted to it because it sounds like paperwork. Boring, mundane and work. You like… Continue reading Details


It’s an event when you are trying to build something larger than yourself. You will have disagreements with your team, partners, clients and vendors. You will have to learn to deal with it each time. You will take it personally. The challenge is you should avoid doing it. Your friend here is thinking objectively. You do… Continue reading Conflict

Let go

Letting go of your people is always a tough call to make. Sometimes some hiring is a miscalculation, and the expectation is mismatched. The probation period helps, but it is too early to make a call. There are other unprecedented reasons which make it impractical. A growing company always plays on chances, potential and gut.… Continue reading Let go

Productive Day

I have written an article named Being Average about my Ideal day. It was something that I say is good on paper. I have shared it before that once our company reaches half a million in turnover I would consider myself someone who is good at building business. I know this is the wrong metric… Continue reading Productive Day

Tough Conversation

These are conversations about money, accountability, expectations, desires and will. You avoid it because you don’t want to feel awkward, have bad feelings or anxiety attacks with your had shivering. You don’t want to be the person who bells the cat. You are uncertain about the outcome of this conversation. What are the 2 things… Continue reading Tough Conversation


If you want to go far, go together – African proverb I believe that if a team works closely towards only 1 goal. The possibility of accomplishing it increases exponentially. The counter argument to it is that at least you will avoid working on waste, non productive or meaningless work. The ability to be clear… Continue reading Team

Asking Clients

There is a whole fear, ambiguity, red tape, doubts and formality. The service provider and a client have a working relationship that is built on service agreements and contracts. The promise that is agreed upon depends on what is written in the document. The clients will only benefits when they get maximum value with the… Continue reading Asking Clients


Why I think culture helps you to resolve conflicts within the team. One of the most common conflicts is expectation mismanagement at work. It’s often referred to as quality of work. The definition of quality when not defined properly could be directly proportional to the mood of the boss at 5 PM on Tuesday. The… Continue reading Conflicts