Reverse Engineering

A big problem can be solved with tiny changes. If we can meticulously design and adjust your team to focus on the vision. I like the analogy of trekking as an example to achieve a target in a successful business. Climbing a summit is not the only goal of a trekker. They want to become… Continue reading Reverse Engineering


One of the skills I often see people not using based on their past experience and judgement is anticipation. In more directly language is guessing. The explanation given to me is you cannot predict the future. I agree no one can predict the future but everyone can do a fair assessment of the outcome. We… Continue reading Anticipation

Investing in people

A journey in a business is mostly unpredictable. Small businesses try to keep the risk low in order to sustain it for many more years. It’s not only about the profits also your team member that you have to take care of. One of my mentors earlier in my career advised me that whatever happens… Continue reading Investing in people

Let’s talk about Passion

People With Passion Can Change The World – Steve Jobs (Apple Inc.) Passion, it is one of the most popular word used in past decade. There have been lots of books, online articles, TED talks and research around it. Some great thought leaders have advised to follow your passion. There is already a lot of information… Continue reading Let’s talk about Passion

Get your team motivated

This is a common question that strikes your mind even if you have a team of one member. Surprisingly we don’t have any definitive answer for it. Here is our way of handling this challenge Always keep a positive attitude in any given situation. I had been a very positive guy but in my last… Continue reading Get your team motivated

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Leadership Training

I had First Time Leadership training in my company. It was a 5 day workshop. The whole experience gave me completely different perspective on day to day basis of normal work day. I realized how we view everyone as we are and as we will react to a particular situation. Thus a common feelings like Why isn’t… Continue reading Leadership Training

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The Trainner in me

When I gave my offical training session on Dot Net WCF to a group of teammates. I learned few lessons and here are those: Make sure your voice is audible in the class room. Keep asking team questions to keep them involve. Since you are using business hour make sure the session is productive. Keep a… Continue reading The Trainner in me

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