Let’s talk about Passion

People With Passion Can Change The World

– Steve Jobs (Apple Inc.)

Passion, it is one of the most popular word used in past decade. There have been lots of books, online articles, TED talks and research around it. Some great thought leaders have advised to follow your passion. There is already a lot of information and research done about passion. You can find more about it from qualified scholars and researchers world wide.

The burning question here is quite simple. Ask your self:

What is my passion?

The answer for the above question will be very helpful to you. Few know the answer to this question and few don’t know what is their passion. For those who know what their passion is, they love to build, write, invent, create, cook, teach, help and so many other things which makes the world a better place to live. The ones who have found their passion always love to talk about it.

When you are in college, it is the last leg before you enter the working life. You will start with a job or start a startup. Pause here. Have you ever thought of starting on your own?Give a minute to this thought. The time when you decide which career path to  choose. Knowing your passion will help you choose what you spend a major portion of your life on. Also, you will be more happy to do what you love to do. There will be a natural inclination towards your work. This is a great time to find your passion. Sleep over it.

Why is this question so important to ask? The main reason is intrinsic motivation. If you want to do anything remarkable, you have to complete the activity till the end. That may take a while and could be difficult. When you have intrinsic motivation it will help you to enjoy till the end of the activity. Hence, you are ready for doing it next time because you love to do it.

Even if you do not know your passion yet, it is absolutely fine. You just have to start searching or discovering your passion. Start with talking to family and friends about the things you love and enjoy to do. Think about the work  that makes your time fly and you have more energy after completing the job.

The theory I am proposing to you here is how about spending your working days with passion for the work you do. How will the days look like? How will you define success? How will your life turn out? Will there be daily stress in your life? How happier will you be? These are so many questions to answer. The interesting point to notice here is when you love the work you do, you make a great career out of it. The outlook towards your work will be completely different.  Your only reason for working will be because you enjoy doing it. You will also be ready to work for free. Yes, the rational mind won’t allow it. However, it’s a metaphor. Which means there will be few external reasons that will motivate your work and the reason for doing it.

Keep the search for your passion alive.


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