Delivering Results

You are reading one of that articles that I am sharing with the world as advice even though I am facing similar challenges in my business. The reason to share is that we had few breakthroughs by playing this infinite game of continuous improvement.

A big disclaimer there are no guarantees in life.

Suppose you can discover an effortless system to produce that result on demand. You have a formula. This formula is applied repeatedly to deliver results.

Let’s get out of the jargon and try some practical action plans.

Reimagine you are in a new role, and your job is to sell. You are selling a complicated product requiring multiple stakeholders’ approvals and agreements.

Let’s mix this up with some constraints; you have a very short deadline, say 3 months, you are new to the market, and some of your current skills are not working for you.

You are talented, have many past successes, and have good communication skills.

Here is a recommendation

  1. List all your skills that will work
  2. List all the leverage you have access
  3. List all attractive deals you can craft
  4. List all the value you can offer to the client
  5. List all the business relationships you can develop

Now that you have everything written down on paper. Writing on paper helps you think better. Thinking has massive leverage to produce outcomes.

Bring the client to the centre of your business and think only about their success and nothing else.

This one could be a huge mind-shift for many. It could mean a short-term loss, rejection at first or taking a personal reputation fall.

Try this idea as your second shift from 5 PM to midnight to deliver results in your first shift. The second shift is all about Thinking, Research and Preparation.

Now you may end up laughing at the following 5 tactics but see if you can achieve these results in the next 1 month. If you are a professional, you already know these tactics produce results

  • 5X the number of leads you currently have for a month
  • 2X the number of first meetings you are doing already
  • Connect with 10 best people in your specific field for 10 minutes for a specific advice
  • Document 10 values of your product that solves 10 massive pain point for your prospects
  • Write down at least 5 answers each for 25 common rejections your client may throw at you

I am not sharing a big picture strategy but something that you already know because getting results is using your craft differently to create a value proposition that only you can bring to the table.

These 5 tactics will give you enough chances to produce results even if you get undesirable results. The chances of you getting better each time will only improve and help you make an informed decision.

Only follow this idea if you believe the idea will work for you, or else it will be a waste of your time.

This will be uncharted territory; you will face failures and plenty of surprises.

If you have read this till now, well done. If you don’t buy the idea, I will challenge you to share this article with 2 of your business colleagues and have a brainstorming session to find alternative 5 tactics that would work for your industry, situation and mindset.

The reason is simple in business; the results always come from working on a solution and not blaming the situation.


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