Get your team motivated

This is a common question that strikes your mind even if you have a team of one member. Surprisingly we don’t have any definitive answer for it.

Here is our way of handling this challenge

  1. Always keep a positive attitude in any given situation. I had been a very positive guy but in my last project I allowed Mr Negative to get in me and it had troubled my mind and the project as well.
  2. Always have a non-monetary target for the team to achieve. For example learning new technology at work, inter-personal skill improvement during the work, learning better development practice. Once the team member leaves the team, they must be a better person then they were before.
  3. Keep an open communication while you work with the team. Make sure you have practical and clear deadlines. Even if you are chasing a moving target make sure that all stakeholders are aware about it.
  4. Keep a Fun team session related to non-project activity. This will help your team to understand each other personally. The team will be in a better position to accept each other strength and weakness. It can be as simple as half hour lunch in afternoon.
  5. Take risk along with the team. Make every one aware about the risk for the most challenging task and go for it. Since a nail biting victory will keep the momentum going within the team.

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