IE developer tool rescued in production issue.

Our team was facing a problem after deploying our code to production. The person sitting on-site was not able to figure out the issue for 3 days. Since already there were escalations and client pressure. Entire team came together on a call from 3 different locations. It was chaotic, lost and frustrating for the team. The issue could not be viewed from offshore. Onsite guy had an vendor team to push any new fix. Since it was an Web Application. The call went for couple of hours into late hours of offshore team. No one had a clue how to find the issue.

In such a situation after a lot of discussion some one told lets debug to the production code via possible tool sets available.

  1. Database log entry
  2. Error logs
  3. Windows log
  4. Check on the versions deployed
  5. Internet Explore Debugger’s tool

Below mentioned is the definition of debugging from Wikipedia:

Debugging is a methodical process of finding and reducing the number of bugs, or defects, in a computer program or a piece of electronic hardware, thus making it behave as expected

Thus the problem we had in hand could be resolved by a simple process of debugging. Some times in the panic situation we loose our cool. Thus forgetting about the techniques we use in computer engineering. In our case Internet Explore Debugger’s tool helps us to step into JavaScript line by line debugging. Thus finding the exact line in which the error occurred.

Happy Debuging!!!


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