Pair programming Dojo with a buddy

I thought about doing a Pair Programming Dojo with a friend outside my work, Gautam Shah. I checked with him and he was ready. I just started to write an email then suddenly I remember the talk by Scott Hanselman @ here. He mentioned when the technical email goes beyond 5 lines then write it on your blog so that in future you don’t have to write them again.

Inspiration for our Dojo:

Problem set taken from Roy Osherove:  String Calculator

TDD Code Kata by Andy Mehalick : @ vimeo

TDD Rules from Uncle Bob (Robert C. Martin) : 3 Rules of TDD

Pair Programing steps :

  1. Driver writes a Test while Navigator observes it.
  2. Driver passes the keyboard to Navigator to write production code.
  3. Switch of Role: Navigator becomes Driver and other way around.
  4. Driver now write the production code and fix the failing test.
  5. Repeat Step 1 through 4 until problem set is solved.
  6. Take break every 25 minutes for 10 minutes.

Happy Pairing!!!


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