Pair programming Dojo with a buddy

I thought about doing a Pair Programming Dojo with a friend outside my work, Gautam Shah. I checked with him and he was ready. I just started to write an email then suddenly I remember the talk by Scott Hanselman @ here. He mentioned when the technical email goes beyond 5 lines then write it on your blog so that in future you don’t have to write them again.

Inspiration for our Dojo:

Problem set taken from Roy Osherove:  String Calculator

TDD Code Kata by Andy Mehalick : @ vimeo

TDD Rules from Uncle Bob (Robert C. Martin) : 3 Rules of TDD

Pair Programing steps :

  1. Driver writes a Test while Navigator observes it.
  2. Driver passes the keyboard to Navigator to write production code.
  3. Switch of Role: Navigator becomes Driver and other way around.
  4. Driver now write the production code and fix the failing test.
  5. Repeat Step 1 through 4 until problem set is solved.
  6. Take break every 25 minutes for 10 minutes.

Happy Pairing!!!


You must have heard about MobProgramming. There was a method we followed to analyse the requirement and come up with Data Flow.

Perequsite :

  1. Complete team with at least 3 member
  2. Laptop (with projector optional)
  3. White board + marker
  4. Collective involvement
  5. Open Mind

Steps :

  1. One person stands to the white board.
  2. One person sits on the laptop
  3. Let’s call them drivers and others as observers.
  4. Every one starts discussing and observing the 2 people who are drawing the data flow diagram.
  5. Objective is to make sure all are in same page and observers keep correcting the drivers.
  6. Persons on white board and laptop keeps on rotating every 15 minutes.

Happy Analysis!