Working Debt

On 11th January 2014, I thought of a kind of debt we keep living with through out the life which is work. I thought of coining it as “Working Debt”. I tweeted it when it was fresh in my mind @ twitter

#WorkingDebt When you don’t follow clean code, design principles, adaptive practice & leadership get slogged at work.

The Idea here is that when we do a shabby work and don’t plan what do we want to work on, in future. We end up cleaning our own mess and fire fighting at work. This might sound Philosophical but haven’t you felt lately why don’t this day just finish at work, How am I going to face my boss, How will the client demo go? When will this project end and many more such feelings.

Shouldn’t our work be well orchestrated, our team working like a unit with common team goals. Shouldn’t we feel like we are driving a Ferrari in autopilot mode.
So the idea I am trying hard to explain here is when we don’t systematically conduct our self as a Software Craftsmanship we add on to our debt of working days ahead.

We must really understand the ways through which we can make a quality software, increase the standards of our professional life. Thus making difference to the world and people around us. Our life must become a accumulation of working practices assets. Thus making our life stress free, financially free and work free.

Happy life!!


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