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I recently started a blog to collect the ideas of my mind, it will share my experience, work as a reference, act as my thoughts archives for future, and getting involved in community. Thus more people reading my blog will make the efforts productive.

Before going that much further the blog must be decently user friendly.The theme I use earlier was Spun Theme, my idea was all the recent blog will be displayed on the home page. Thus helping any reader to choose the topic. So recently I pushed it to 2 of my friends Ritesh Haria & Gautam Shah. Both have noticed some basic remarks.

Observation by Ritesh Haria : The links in the page was not visible clearly, on mouse over the color of the link change is not noticeable.

Observation by Gautam Shah : The main idea of displaying all blog on home page was not visible correctly on Gautam’s machine, which was justifiable.

So anyone has an observation please feel free to put in the comments. Thus this post will help new bloggers.

Happy Blogging!



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