Android Apps for software developers

Here is a list of three apps I frequently make use during/for my software development activity.

3 Android apps I use are :

  1. Stack Overflow
  2. Pomodoro
  3. Twitter

Stack Overflow : It doesn’t need any introduction. If you really care about your craft try to contribute to the community. Answer the questions out there in a more human way possible. When I am not in front of my computer. I just have to see it on the app with the notification coming on the top. Thus letting know any progress in my previously answered or edited question. It helps to keep the score.

Pomodoro : Its is a time management technique. A very simple one but not easy to practice. In crisp it helps you to focus on a task for 25 minutes. Its a timer that goes of every 25 mins followed with a 5 minute break called as Pomodoro time. The apps give you a sticky note to write down your current task. The main challenge here is to focus on your working during those 25 minutes. Initially you can make a list of distractions during the Pomodoro time. Later have action plan to overcome the distraction. Find details on Pomodoro Technique.

Twitter : WHAT!! Yes you must be wondering how on earth can twitter help you become a better developer? But really if you use the tool effectively it is really helpful. It can play a role of aggregator of information. You can select people whom you want to follow, be it technical, leadership, personal development or entrepreneur. Make sure that they don’t spam your tweet feed. Also remember you can always un follow people. Go through your tweet feed when you are waiting for something. The wasted time could be converted into learning. And yes you can follow me @vikramshettyc

Also share your list of Android app on your mobile phone.

Happy learning!!!


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