Waste Work

eliminating waste work will give you 50% of your productive time back We are not going into the mechanics of methods and process of applying culture in our day to day work. I will share the framework that I have picked from a time management course. Let’s call it Urgent vs Importance Framework. Breaking your… Continue reading Waste Work


As good writers always advise that writing is all about editing. Removing the words which are not required. Replacing complex words with simpler ones. Converting 10 words sentences into 5 words. Splitting longer paragraphs into 2-3 lines. Let me edit the above paragraph which is already easy to read. Writing is about editing. Remove not… Continue reading Edit

Listen Up!

Listening to understand is one of the lost skills in the world of business. The world is bombarded with so much information that we are constantly thinking about what to speak next. The art of listening has completely or almost living the face of the earth. That’s what my observation is while working with the… Continue reading Listen Up!

Outcome Formula

Our Business Development trainee asked me this question “Can you please be more specific by what do you mean by quality?” after I denied her more work due to lack of her current quality of work as it does not bring the outcome to the company. She was surprised because she was doing all the… Continue reading Outcome Formula

State of the Art

There is a fascination with building a perfect product. The definition of Perfect is different for everyone. It is nearly impossible for everyone in the team to agree to one shape of perfect. This chaos of being perfect or chasing perfection makes us put in a lot of effort without any results in return. Now… Continue reading State of the Art

75 constraints used in 2015 across the Globe for Global Day of Code Retreat

Tomorrow on 18th November 2017 is Global Day of Code Retreat 2017 #GDCR17 This will be my 3rd year in a row to attend and practice my craft. After 13 years of experience writing code it still feels like a ride in a theme park to attend Global Day of Code Retreat. In year 2015 I… Continue reading 75 constraints used in 2015 across the Globe for Global Day of Code Retreat

How to search for quality remote work?

Remote working is something which is gaining traction across the global. The trend of growing tech entrepreneurship and individual professional. Made the increase in demand of co-working place. There are company who have remote work options like wordpress.com, basecamp.com and upworthy.com. There are portal which cater only remote working jobs. Also there is a who book written about remote… Continue reading How to search for quality remote work?