Outcome Formula

Our Business Development trainee asked me this question “Can you please be more specific by what do you mean by quality?” after I denied her more work due to lack of her current quality of work as it does not bring the outcome to the company.

Our outcome is to speak with 200 new Sustainability Research Analysts in the year 2022 ~ 73bit.com

She was surprised because she was doing all the work that was assigned to her. Her pace of completing the work was decently good. She asked some good questions about her work and planned a few of her work with enough time in her hand. She thought that the new side task was small enough that she could take it on and complete it along with another task. She may have took the rejection personally to which I say to everyone. Your work !=(Not Equal to) You. My denial was purely from the point of Slow Productivity. It’s the latest research that people are talking about. I have mentioned it in Slow work and In the age of the digital sharing economy, You need to rewire your thought about the job.

Tasks + Quality = Outcome

The Outcome Formula

I believe each task that is assigned to her if done with high quality then could produce an outcome. In her case my opportunity to talk to a sustainability research analyst. Let me pick 3 of her task via which we can create the desired outcome.

  1. Follow up on Building Community: Here She is working with about 4000 of the my linkedIn connections who have interacted with me in past 4-5 years. It’s a huge database and her task is to filter through them manually so that she can determine which one of them I should send a request to join our community. The reason for her to go through it manually is because she get a chance to make those tiny decision based on 7-8 paramters that makes someone a part of our community. The quality here is to create a data mapping based on the few data points that I choose to pick the request of community member. There is also a list of 33+ people who agreed to join the community so she can create mutiple groups using this activities. 1) Joined the group 2) Currently Busy 3) Showed intrest in receiving the content 4) Don’t want to join 5) Don’t do similar work 6) Didn’t care to reply. After she completes 1000 connection she can put a predication column next to it so that she can determin her anticipation of people joining our community. If her prediction is even 50% accurate then shen only have to reverse engineer and find the few hundred from the rest of 2000 connection to complete the outcome of this task. Based on the degree of intrests of the first 10 founders of our community we could endup speaking with 5-7 members. Thus meeting our outcome.
  2. Commenting on Community Post: Here the task is to create a draft for atleast 2 posts per day. The idea being to create an engaging comment that leads to more like or replies. This creates an oppurtunity to reach out to people who belongs to our community and agree to our thoughts. This could create a massive inbound prospects and we would spearatly reach out to them to ask if they are intrested in joining our community. One of the ways to improve quality here is to study the comments on the post that gets more likes. Learn the tone and the position they stand. Find the ones which aligns to our culture and visions. Try to frame your next statement that could lead into more likes. When she is able to create a comment that could attract may 50+ likes that means there is a possibility that it could convert into one conversation for us. Thus meeting our outcome.
  3. Organising Prospecting Data: This one is our respository of 2000 companies we thought could become our client. We haven’t has any success there however we had spoken to about 100 of them in past few year. When she is working through the diffrent stages of the buying cycle she could indentify the data points that increases the chance of someone to talk to us. She even knows about a tool that tells about the Psychographic of a prospect using thier online activities. She could create the user persona based on the people we have talked in the past. Thus adding one more filter in her search of prospecting. Thus again creating more data points to remove a prospect from the Qualified List. Thus increasing the chances of speaking to someone when we start with the list of 100 prospects. This can also be applied to each stage of buyers journey. Thus meeting our outcome.

You may think how can a single person do all this activities. It’s about quality and not quanitiy. Our last months actual call was 5 calls. So any activities that will increase the numbers would be the desired outcome. She played a role in creating opportunity to 1 of those 5 calls doing task 3 and Added 4 new members in our community and sent the invite of 270 people. The quality work here is she should have known on her own about these data summary. She should have asked for all the people with whom I had prior interactions. It’s a slow work, it will take time that that’s the reason I did not over burden her with new tasks. Once you start thinking in this fashion you will see quality work all over the place. The import question to ask is

How can I improve the quality of the work I am doing so that the byproduct of my work produces the desired outcome?


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