An Average Company

Traits you will find in an average company

  1. Delivering on commitments
  2. Friendly customer support
  3. Faster response time
  4. Consistent predictable outcome
  5. Provide value for money
  6. Leveraging technology automation
  7. Promote more collabration
  8. Believe in building community
  9. Shared learning Culture
  10. Focus on the vision

Does all of these sound like generic average company traits? Someone claiming to be a profitable business using ethical practices. Do you think people working in this company are hardworking and high integrity people? If your answer is Yes. Don’t you think it’s average company doesn’t mean they build substandard products or give substandard services.

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Being an average company still means you have a lot to offer to this world. You have an expertise to create value that your clients cannot create for themselves without your help. It does not make you superior or inferior in the market place. It makes you realibale, dependable and trustworthy partner to do business with.

Here are the 10 outcomes you can produce

  1. You can deliver a promised standard outcome
  2. You can tell your price in advance and stick to it
  3. You will be avaiable to get on a call in short notice
  4. You will create online assests that would add value
  5. You will accept your shortcoming and improve
  6. You are always excited to learn new things
  7. You are ready to co-create new tools for use
  8. You will share the bad news soon and fast
  9. Comfortable in telling NO to work beyond your capacity
  10. Your business model is more sustainable

The question here is wether or not an average company is good or bad. The question is the one mentioned below.

Do you want to be an average company that makes progress every day?

Vikram Shetty


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