My NO List

In the recent post named Ten talks that will change you, Naval Ravikant mentions a concept of your hourly rate. He suggests that you should put your hourly rate as aspirational as your income 15-20 years from now. It must sound outrageous, any task or activity that can be done below that price either outsource it or don’t do it. It is a very difficult practice to do it on a daily basis. Can you imagine your hour charge as 5000 INR per hour? When you work for 8 hours per day, 5 days a week the year income crosses about 1 crore. It’s it what most of the middle class of India would call dream come true?

Share this post only for this one idea.

I have taken inspiration from it because few of my earlier mentors have given me this advice. I don’t do normal chores that I can get it done with nominal fee. Be it house help, home deliver, ordering food, sending courier, asking for help etc. The idea is simple if that work doesnot serve me and its below my paygrade I refuse to do it. I am also very vocal about it. Other day my aunt asked me can I make the tea and my reply was yes I can but I have decided not to make it because I can use the time to do something that would help my business grow. It’s about purchasing freedom so that you can do things you love to do even if that means you are not doing anything productive. I am personally lazy however I am game for any challange at work or the one where I have to think creatively.

Here is my list of NO which I have come in terms with

  1. Not to trade my time for money.
  2. Not to engage with people who are cynic and skeptic.
  3. Not to put energy in proving my point to anyone.
  4. Say no to manual unpaid jobs that I can pay people to do it.
  5. Not to make too much efforts in improving my shortcomings.
  6. Say No to any conflicting conversation or disagreements.
  7. Say No to clients who you think will be a pain in the future.
  8. Saying No the culture of only hardwork and long working hours.
  9. Not doing any task for the sake of doing it and checking the box.
  10. Saying No to a complex solution for any challange.

I am not telling that I am able to apply them all with a surgical precision. Each day I do my best, not try my best. I measure my action, progress and results. I make sure that I live my professional life towards become better each day.

If you like the NO list share it with others now.


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