Waste Work

eliminating waste work will give you 50% of your productive time back We are not going into the mechanics of methods and process of applying culture in our day to day work. I will share the framework that I have picked from a time management course. Let’s call it Urgent vs Importance Framework. Breaking your… Continue reading Waste Work


unable to be touched; not having a physical presence. Culture is intangible. You can not measure culture but may see some signals. You don’t revenue benefits of culture in the first year. It often makes you think about why would you invest in the culture? Before we get into the reasons, let’s see some signals.… Continue reading Intangible


It’s an event when you are trying to build something larger than yourself. You will have disagreements with your team, partners, clients and vendors. You will have to learn to deal with it each time. You will take it personally. The challenge is you should avoid doing it. Your friend here is thinking objectively. You do… Continue reading Conflict

Let go

Letting go of your people is always a tough call to make. Sometimes some hiring is a miscalculation, and the expectation is mismatched. The probation period helps, but it is too early to make a call. There are other unprecedented reasons which make it impractical. A growing company always plays on chances, potential and gut.… Continue reading Let go

Why do talent works?

I like the word talent used for the team member. I think it makes sense for knowledge work. It’s known wisdom that most people work for good pay. Salary is one of the primary factors for someone to choose a job but it’s not the only one. I think there are three important factors Money… Continue reading Why do talent works?

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Tough Conversation

These are conversations about money, accountability, expectations, desires and will. You avoid it because you don’t want to feel awkward, have bad feelings or anxiety attacks with your had shivering. You don’t want to be the person who bells the cat. You are uncertain about the outcome of this conversation. What are the 2 things… Continue reading Tough Conversation


Why I think culture helps you to resolve conflicts within the team. One of the most common conflicts is expectation mismanagement at work. It’s often referred to as quality of work. The definition of quality when not defined properly could be directly proportional to the mood of the boss at 5 PM on Tuesday. The… Continue reading Conflicts

My NO List

In the recent post named Ten talks that will change you, Naval Ravikant mentions a concept of your hourly rate. He suggests that you should put your hourly rate as aspirational as your income 15-20 years from now. It must sound outrageous, any task or activity that can be done below that price either outsource… Continue reading My NO List

I started waking up early

I started my 1-on-1 call after writing this article In Practice; I knew that this was the most critical and high leverage task of my day. I planned my meeting for the entire month and kept the calls on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The reason was it was the first meeting of my day. So 30… Continue reading I started waking up early

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How to learn from a Setback?

Setback  — something that causes a delay or stops progress At work, you will often find setbacks because of multiple reasons. Some common ones are miscommunication, mismanagement, no planning, incorrect expectations, waiting without direction, unclarity, inactivity, playing safe, wasting time, indecision, misguided, lack of judgement, inability to anticipate, urge of being right all the time, not… Continue reading How to learn from a Setback?