the devil is in the details More often than not the play is in the execution. Everyone is excited about vision and strategy. Some people fail to see the big picture but are happy to learn it. They fail to apply it in the day to day work. They don’t connect each tiny task to… Continue reading Details


Reverse Engineering

A big problem can be solved with tiny changes. If we can meticulously design and adjust your team to focus on the vision. I like the analogy of trekking as an example to achieve a target in a successful business. Climbing a summit is not the only goal of a trekker. They want to become… Continue reading Reverse Engineering


In 2021 we invested heavily in building our team we will reach 20 members soon. This year we are focused on building our culture. Why Team First? We believe that clients love working with teams that work well together. Team First Help your colleagues – Ask for help without the fear of judgement The… Continue reading Culture

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Investing in people

A journey in a business is mostly unpredictable. Small businesses try to keep the risk low in order to sustain it for many more years. It’s not only about the profits also your team member that you have to take care of. One of my mentors earlier in my career advised me that whatever happens… Continue reading Investing in people