the devil is in the details

More often than not the play is in the execution. Everyone is excited about vision and strategy. Some people fail to see the big picture but are happy to learn it. They fail to apply it in the day to day work. They don’t connect each tiny task to the big picture. It’s hard and tiring. However your job as a leader or a practitioner is to make it easy, light, effortless, fun and meaningful.

The reason it becomes important is of the unknown variables, current context, random emergencies, sudden crisis and life. You can plan and anticipate as much as you can but things will never go as per plan. That doesn’t mean you don’t plan. It means you plan for the unknown with enough buffer or take the leverage of infinite resources. Yes, you heard it right there can be an abundance of some resources which is a topic for some other day.

I hate when people refer to team members as resources. Humans have potential beyond your imagination. STOP 🛑 treating them like money, computers or buildings ~ Vikram Shetty

The ability to pick up the boring tasks of reading, accessing, thinking, analysing, solving, implementing, reviewing, learning and documenting is a never-ending cycle. You will have to do it every day, every week and every month. You will have a few bad cycles, mostly average cycles and some good cycles. Your job is to do it with maximum energy, attention and focus. That’s what they call putting your 100%. It’s your ability to pick yourself up after a bad cycle and do it again. Most results come when you can pick yourself to level 10 during the average day. It’s an unexciting, non-glamorous and dull day that makes you go beyond success.

It’s is these times when no one is watching you work. You do it for the game you love to play. To make sure you are not doing it for the heck of doing it or ticking the box. You are doing it because you have a desire to grow. You have ambition. You want to take care of your family and provide them with a comfortable life. Your reasons may be different but your work should show the same level of high quality, high standards and high attention to detail.


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